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Community Questions: How to Email Packing Slips and Delivery Notes to Customers in QuickBooks Online

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Back when I ran a café, every week I received dozens of packing slips (a.k.a Delivery Notes), those itemized lists detailing what’s inside a package. These slips seemed to disappear the moment they reached my desk. 


Packing slips aren’t as mission-critical as invoices, but they matter to businesses that deal with high volumes of shipping and receiving. Typically, vendors print out a slip and include it in each package. Once the goods are received, most people toss the packing slip in the trash.


As the package recipient, you may want to hold onto packing slips since they provide a paper trail. If the contents of a package don’t match what’s on the packing slip, you’ll be glad you have it as a reference.


As a vendor and shipper, you can save a ton of time sending digital packing slips in QuickBooks Online. This low-carbon recordkeeping method lets you send forms at a moment’s notice and reduce waste. Another plus: if the recipient accidentally deletes the packing slip email, you can resend it in a flash. That makes record-keeping fanatics like me very happy!



In QuickBooks Online, you create and send digital packing slips as pdf attachments. While invoices and sales receipts can be sent with a single click, sending packing slips to customers requires one extra step – but on the plus side, you’ll always have a record available locally on your hard drive.


Here’s what you need to know to create and send a digital packing slip.


  • You create a packing slip after you send the client an invoice (or sale’s receipt).

  • To get started, find the sent invoice. You can either go to the “Invoices” section of the Sales Dashboard or directly to the client’s transaction in the “Customer” Tab. Click the arrow icon (Arrow Icon.jpg ) on the invoice line and select “Print Packing Slip.”

  • This will take you to a download screen (make sure you have Adobe Reader selected as your default pdf viewer). Instead of clicking the printer icon, click the download icon (Downloads.PNG ) to the left.

    Packing slip 1.PNG



  • Save the file a folder you can easily find on your hard drive. From here, you have two options:

    (1) While still in QuickBooks Online, find the customer you want to send the packing slip to, check the box next to their name, click “batch action” and select “email.” Include the slip as an attachment.


    (2) Go into your usual email service and attach the pdf to an email.

  • Note - You can print multiple packing slips as a “batch action” from the drop-down menu on the Invoice Page. However, unless you have Adobe Acrobat DC or a program that can separate pdf pages, this method will not work for creating multiple digital pdfs since the packing slips are combined on a single pdf.


Now it’s your turn


Do you prefer receiving digital or paper forms? Tell us the pros and cons! And how do you store your digital records?

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Community Questions: How to Email Packing Slips and Delivery Notes to Customers in QuickBooks Online

Hi James, Would it be possible to setup a call? As the community host and me being a new member along with having our app recently approved by Intuit I think there is huge potential for education and automation for QB users. Feel free to contact me directly at [email address removed]. Thanks, Kyle
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Community Questions: How to Email Packing Slips and Delivery Notes to Customers in QuickBooks Online

Hey @khodonnell,


Many congratulations on your app being approved! You're going to help a lot of people.


Happy to chat, send me a private message from my profile page! 

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