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Connecting/integrating QB online with Clio

Any directions or tips on integrating QB with Clio? I am using 2 accounts. One is a Trust and the other is my operating account. My operating account is set up to cover credit card charges through Law Pay. The setup requires a Trust Liabilities account and I am not sure why the setup/integration isn't using my operating account for the trust liabilities. 

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Connecting/integrating QB online with Clio

Hello @bud:


You have to connect this in the Clio app itself. 


Personally, my favorite app for law firms is LeanLaw.   It is much easier to work with and manage/connect. Additionally, they have the best support.  If you are not in love with Clio, check out LeanLaw.   I think you will find it less expensive too.  All of my law firm clients are using LeanLaw and are very happy with it.  



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