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Custom Fields

Hello QuickBooks Community 
I have created a customs field in the inventory tab labelled Specs
When doing a receiving inventory sometimes this needs to be updated depending on the supplier we purchase from.

I have been trying to update when creating a purchase order i change the contents in the the custom filed name specs but it doesn't change in the item list inventory when completed.

So my question is can this be done if so what can i do for it to work??
Thank you

QuickBooks Team

Custom Fields

I can provide another workaround so you can add a content to your purchases, stannou.


You can use the Other 1 field on the purchase order form so you can edit it anytime. The custom field on the inventory tab won't affect when you create a transaction.


Let me show you how:


  1. Open the purchase order form.
  2. Go to Formatting, then Customize Data Layout.
  3. Proceed to the Columns tab.
  4. Mark Other 1 or Other 2, then enter "Specs" in the Title field.
  5. Click OK to save it.

Check out this article for additional information: Create and use custom fields in QuickBooks Desktop.


I've also added this link to help you prepare for the upcoming tax season: Year-end checklist for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.


Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you need anything else about adding custom fields. I'll be right here to help you.

Level 1

Custom Fields

Thank you for your response Mary 

This is not what i am trying to do

I have a custom field in the item list marked specs for every item i carry.

When i do a purchase order or receive inventory the specs column shows on the receiving page.

Some times i need to change these specs info when i receive inventory.

So when i change it in the receiving inventory page its not updating the specs tab shown on the item list page it still keeps the old specs.
you understand what i mean?


Custom Fields

Hello there, stannou.


I appreciate you for providing further clarification.


Updating the custom field information from the receiving inventory page or when you create an item will not reflect on the Item lists page. We still have an option to change the details of the custom field when you create a transaction for these items. However, this will not change on the item lists.


If you want to change the old spec, we can modify it by opening the item. Here's how:


  1. Go to the List menu and select Item Lists.
  2. Select and double click the item.
  3. Click Custom Fields. Then, change the old spec to a new one.
  4. Then, OK.


Also, you can stay updated with news and product releases by visiting the QuickBooks Blog website. Also, you may want to check these articles about customizing QuickBooks reports and customizing email template:



Let me know if you have other questions. Take care and stay safe always.

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