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Do more work with QuickBooks: like entering your data several times

Hi had my account with QB Self employed for 2 years with all my transactions and invoices everything categorized.

I decided to upgrade for the extra features, but what I didn't expected is that once I upgraded, all my previous data was deleted. Even though they ask you if you want to transfer your information, they don't transfer your transactions and Invoices; but still they delete your old account for good.


I have been calling to support for the last week everyday, but nobody gives me real solutions... they are all nice and are sorry but no solutions at all. even the last person they hung up on me when I ask them why they delete my data and don't keep any backup.


I'm sure that even if somebody reply to this post, they won't provide any real solution, which is  that I want my data back.

For sure now I will be doing more with Quickbooks. I have to gather my data for the last 2 years AGAIN!

Stay away from this service.

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Do more work with QuickBooks: like entering your data several times

Let's manage your data, IM DS.


QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed are two different programs. Hence, connecting your bank account is the quickest way to manage your bank transactions. You can use this link know more about the migration process: Switch from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online.


Meanwhile, you'll have to resubscribe to your QuickBooks Self-Employed account for you to access your data: Resubscribe to QuickBooks Self-Employed.


Please let us know what other assistance you need so we can further review it.

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Do more work with QuickBooks: like entering your data several times

Hi - I understand that QBSE and QBO are separate programs, but is there really no migration protocol to get transactions over to QBO if you upgrade? It's not just entering/importing transactions that we have to do. It's also categories, notes, receipts, other metadata for hundreds or thousands of transactions.


I'd really, REALLY like to see a migration protocol built in from the product teams to automate this. They may be different products, but that's one of the advantages of owning each product and it's something that customers expect from fully vertically-integrated companies like this in 2020/2021. I'd honestly just rather use a less feature-rich product than migrate manually, especially when I know you control the ecosystem and the end-points already exist on each product to build a comprehensive migration feature.


Do more work with QuickBooks: like entering your data several times

Hello @andrewboucherconsulting. Welcome to the Community. We're so glad you are here!


I looked into this and confirmed that using the "Bring Data" option when upgrading to QuickBooks Online will bring over all data, including transactions.

The article shared by my teammate above is the best one to follow to make sure everything comes over smoothly: Switch from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online


Please let me know how it goes for you, and if you need additional assistance please reach back out to us so we can help.

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Do more work with QuickBooks: like entering your data several times



I really appreciatte Andrew following up on this topic. If that happened to you I am so sorry Andrew. The worst part is that no one at QB was able to give me a solution and I had to enter my data from scratch again.

And regarding the last response, I did chose the option of bring my data from QB SE, but as Andrew Said all tranactions, categories... all that is gone. It only brings like 5% of the info I had in my Self Employed account.

Is really sad and frustrating for customers that are paying for a service, and basically you guys are telling is my fault for not following the steps on your article. The article might be great and all that. But if the data is all gone, the article you are giving us is useless.

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