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Does QuickBooks offer accounting help for completing taxes?

Does Quick Books offer accounting help for completing taxes?


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Does QuickBooks offer accounting help for completing taxes?

Not unless you want to do it yourself with Turbo Tax.  But they do have a site called find an accountant.

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Does QuickBooks offer accounting help for completing taxes?

Hey @jasimmy,


Thank you for your question, I think many folks are curious about whether QuickBooks actually helps you complete your taxes. The answer is a qualified *yes. QuickBooks is accounting software, which means you use it track your income, expenes, assets and equity - all the money associated with your business. This is all essential data you need to file your taxes.


If you track inventory or expenses such as rent in QuickBooks, come tax-time, you will have all the data you need to help you prepare your taxes. Even if you don't put all of your expenses or income into QuickBooks, the data (in conjunction with other records you keep outside of QuickBooks) will still help you keep track of everything you need to report to the IRS. You can also connect with accountants via the ProAdvisor program.


The qualification - the QuickBooks program itself is not used to file taxes. That needs to be done by a professional tax preparer, or as @lynda mentioned, you can do it yourself with a program like TurboTax (if TT doesn't work for you, there are lots of programs to choose from). 


How's your tax preparation coming along, @jasimmy?

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