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E-commerce payments and payments through emailed invoices



I was trying to do some research on QB customers using own ecommerce websites to take orders from client


Wanted to understand the following

1)Do you use any mechanism that allows clients paying you through emailed invoices or other means to use the same saved card/bank account number to be used on the ecommerce page too ?


2)If a guest customer makes a new order on the ecommerce page , How do you handle that ? How will the invoice appear in QB ? Under a dummy customer in QB ?


3)Do you have a mechanism that allow clients to make an order today and save their card details with you but the actual settlement happens at a later point once the shipping/service is done by you at a later point after you manually trigger settlement ?


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E-commerce payments and payments through emailed invoices

@Megan-Payorcrm, this is a really important discussion, thank you for initiating it. 


One of the common challenges I see for new QuickBooks users is navigating the path from website sales through to getting payments into QB. There are so many options, it can feel a bit daunting. 


A simple option is to host your business on a site like Etsy, which works as a POS and tracks sales data. There are integrated apps that import this data seamlessly into QuickBooks. There's even a direct integration with QuickBooks Self-Employed!


Some builder sites, like WordPress, have integrations that handle the heavy lifting. You can simply add a "plug and play" customer-facing "Pay"button to your homepage, have customers pay via PayPal (or something similar), and you once that data hits PayPal, it's automatically sent to QuickBooks. This is relatively easy to set up and people who are new to web design should look into these low-maintenance options. 


The challenge comes when people build a custom website or don't like the available "plug and play" payment options from builder sites (which can be limited). Square and other POS services have open APIs that you can integrate into your website, but that does require some coding skill.


Programs like Webgility (@DustinT) can handle multiple income channels and ensure the data hits your books correctly. The real obstacle seems to be that initial front door. You can always use QuickBooks to send invoices and get paid, but I think many people want to scale and automate sales. 


Given this, @Megan-Payorcrm, what can people do to ensure long-term success with this type of integration?

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E-commerce payments and payments through emailed invoices

along the same line of the initial question: we are setting up an ecommerce web site. We will likely go with "shipping and handling" costs included in the price of the product (we will use flat rate boxes from USPS for most items). If we do so, do we include the costs of shipping w/in COGS? If so, won't this affect sales tax paid by customer? And then how would I enter the "expense" of the actual shipping costs? Any help from the community would much appreciated!

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E-commerce payments and payments through emailed invoices

We are developing our e commerce web site on "Big Commerce". Right now, we will be "including" a pre determined price to our product for sales and give it a whirl w/our website launch.  From what I have read, we will be paying Sales tax on the "total price" paid...thus, the shipping cost will be included.  This is all new territory for us so appreciate your comments, thank you!

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