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We would like to add an ecommerce platform to our existing website that integrates with QB. We need to have customers sign a service agreement before they can make a purchase, but I'm having a hard time finding a platform that has both esign capability and Quickbooks integration. We are a very small business and really only need these functions - any suggestions?

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QuickBooks Team


Hi there, AP_MD. 


Thank you for visiting the QuickBooks Community. I'll ensure you can set up QuickBooks Commerce seamlessly.


To start with, you'll have to sign in to your Intuit account and you can use your Intuit ID to sign in directly to QuickBooks Commerce if you purchase it as an add-in within QuickBooks Online. If you haven’t yet, here’s how to sign up for QuickBooks Commerce. Beforehand, you'll need to make sure that you don’t have existing products in QuickBooks Online.


Next, I recommend setting up QuickBooks to fit your business and get the most out of it. You can set up your company file and link your bank and credit card account to have an easier time when you manage your transactions. Then, go to the QuickBooks Commerce and start connecting both accounts. 


Here’s how:


  1. From the menu, select the Commerce tab.
  2. Click Go to QuickBooks Commerce to connect both accounts.


Once done, you can now use the Commerce tab whenever you want to go to QuickBooks Commerce. Then, you’ll see a task checklist to set up QuickBooks Commerce. You can open this article to see steps on how to perform the process and additional information to finish the procedure: Get started with QuickBooks Commerce.


Lastly, you may refer to this article to view a specific link that contains different information about Commerce and how it works: Frequently asked questions about QuickBooks Commerce.


Let me know how else I can help you with QuickBooks Commerce by adding a comment below. I'm more than happy to lend a helping hand. Keep safe!

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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I am not sure the eCommerce solution is fit for you at this time. Explore this app as a workaround to integrate with QBO.


But if you still prefer to use eCommerce instead, you will have a webstore on your website, a document management app, and a connector to automate the whole process between those apps and integrate it with your QBO.

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