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Entering expenses

Good afternoon! 


Just a query about the expenses option on the left side of the main menu.


I am trying to set up 2 columns for "OFFICE EXPENSES" and "BUYING A PRODUCT FROM A COMPANY" -wholesale (e g. hotel etc.).  I would like to have separate sections for both to enter data in a way as it will be easier for me to differentiate them. Also if there can be an option to make or transfer payment to a customer or supplier for this.


Hope to hear from you soon!








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QuickBooks Team

Entering expenses

That's an interesting question, @DTT18.


I have some insights to share with you about your concern in QuickBooks Online. 


The menus on the left navigation panel are default options of the product. They serve as an easy way to access the main features of QuickBooks Online. 


At this time, there isn't a way to add columns/buttons to the left panel, such as office expenses and buying a product from a company. However, both the Expense and Bill types of transactions have separate sections to enter the items and expenses you need to pay. 


I've added screenshots below for your visual reference. 


With regards to transferring the payment from one customer/vendor to another, you can create journal entries. As to which accounts to select in the Debit and Credit columns, I'd recommend seeking guidance with your accountant. They'll be able to ensure accuracy with your books come tax time. 


To create a journal entry:

  1. Go to the Plus icon, then Journal Entry.
  2. In the Journal date field, enter the transaction date
  3. Enter a Journal no. to help you identify the transaction in the reports.
  4. Fill in the Account, Debit, Credit, Description, and Name columns.
  5. Save the transaction.

Here's an article for more details about creating journal entries:


How to create a journal entry


We'd love it if you could give us some feedback about the ability to customize the left navigation menu. Just click on the Gear icon at the top right corner and choose Feedback. I'll do the same thing from my side, so we're hitting them through both employee and customer channels. 


The Community is the perfect place to share your QuickBooks concerns and connect with other users and accountants. Feel free to dive in at any time and I'll get right back up. 


Sample Vendor Expense.PNG Sample Vendor Bill.PNG

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