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Find if bank is supported by quickbooks

I have customer with accounts Lowell Five Cent savings Banks in MA.

I want to know the customer can do ACH with invoice sent via quickbooks desktop pro 18.



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Find if bank is supported by quickbooks

Hey Rayman,


Welcome to the community. Lowell Five Cent sounds like a local bank, which I am a huge fan of, been using one for many years. 


The best way to check if the bank is available is to log into Desktop, connect your accounts for payments, and do a search. Sometimes, smaller banks won't be able to connect, but it doesn't hurt to search.


Here are the full instructions for how to set this up, but the short version is: 


  • From the QuickBooks Banking menu, select Bank Feeds > Set Up Bank Feeds for an Account.

  • In the Enter your Bank’s name field, enter the name of your bank. Note that as you type, QuickBooks displays possible matches.

  • Depending on your bank and the version of QuickBooks you're using, you may be presented with options for Direct Connect, Web Connect or both. 

  • On the Link your Accounts screen, choose which bank account/s to add to QuickBooks.

    • If you have multiple accounts (Savings, Checking/Chequing, or Credit Card) available to connect to QuickBooks but only need one (Checking/Chequing), then you can set up online banking just for it.

    • If the account is not yet in QuickBooks, click the Select existing or Create new drop-down, then choose Create New Account.


I just logged into QuickBooks Online and searched for Lowell Five Cent, it's there! So it is very likely you will find it in QuickBooks Desktop. 


Hope this helps! 

Community Champion

Find if bank is supported by quickbooks

Hi Rayman,


I am sorry to say that based on my quick search of the Intuit's list of supported financial institutions  I was not able to locate Lowell Five Cent Savings Banks. 


Just to make sure that I help provide the best answer possible, I wanted to clarify one thing.  With QuickBooks Desktop, you can connect to your bank account to download transactions but then there are also merchant services which would allow you to process an ACH payment regardless if the bank feed is connected.  Importing transactions into QBD.png


If you were specifically talking about the bank import function of QuickBooks Desktop, the fastest way to test if you will have the ability to import the data would be to download a .qbo file from your bank and try to import it. It must be the .qbo format to import into desktop.


If the file does not have a valid INTU.BID number you will receive the following popup on the screen.  Fortunately, there are a couple ways to work around this and be able to import files from any institution.

 Branding Error Message.PNG



Modify File with Excel or Text Editor:


It is possible to open the downloaded qbo file and modify the INTU.BID or FID number to match another bank.  If you change the number to be 3000 it will be displayed like a Wells Fargo Account, but it will work perfectly.  The easiest way to do this is to pen the file, make your changes and then save the file by hitting the Ctrl +S. This will keep the file from trying to change to a different .txt file format.



3rd Party Apps:

INTU.BID.png There are quite a few different applications that will help you to convert your data into a custom qbo file that could then be imported into QuickBooks Desktop. Most products have been universally designed to work across many different platforms, but one application that was specifically designed for QuickBooks Desktop is Vendorsync.  With Vendorsync you have the option to modify the Intuit ID number as well as batch edit your transactions before importing the data through the bank feed area. In the spirit of full disclosure, as the creator of Vendorsync, I should share that I am biased about which app to use.


Hope this information helps solve your question!


Matthew Fulton



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