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Find Out If the Check Is In the Mail with QuickBooks Reports



You probably know that the Reports feature in QuickBooks Online is great for giving you snapshots into how your business is doing. What you might not know is that it can also be used to keep you organized. Here’s an example of how you can easily customize a report to sort out the perennial problem of tracking which checks have been printed, and which have not.


The Print Checks feature allows you to pay your vendors easily, right from QuickBooks. But if you have employees that help with your billing, you might need to know which checks have been printed and which haven’t. A quick customization to the Transaction List by Vendor report will get you the information you need to understand your funds better, preserve your check stock, and organize your business.


First, open your Transaction List by Vendor report (Reports > All Reports > Review Expenses and Purchases > Transaction List by Vendor). Click “Customize” in the upper right and set your date range. Under the “Filter” menu, set “Check Printed” to either Printed or To Be Printed, then click Run Report. Print the report or email it as a PDF attachment with the small buttons on the upper right-hand side. Suddenly, you’re on top of your checks like never before.




Run this list faster next time you need it by clicking “Save customization” in the upper right corner. Find the report again under Reports > My Custom Reports. Make sure to give it a memorable name so you’ll always know where to find a quick list of printed checks.


This is just one example of how you can customize reports to help you stay organized. What reports keep you organized in QuickBooks? How do you customize them to fit your business’ unique needs? I’d love to hear new ways QuickBooks helps you work better.

Community Champion

Find Out If the Check Is In the Mail with QuickBooks Reports

Thanks Meg! I think I have a couple of clients that will love this report.  :cathappy:

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Find Out If the Check Is In the Mail with QuickBooks Reports

Great info.

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Find Out If the Check Is In the Mail with QuickBooks Reports

I find a lot of users and businesses make things more complicated than they need to be. To me, it's money in and out. Customers & Vendors. This plus a check register, gets me everything I need. I use attachments, notes a lot.

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