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Forward-Facing "Shop"?

Hi Community,


I'm trying to find some kind of add on or product that could be used as a forward-facing "shop" online, to facilitate the purchasing of items by a customer without them having to communicate with us directly, that communicates with QBO. I have searched the QBO apps as well as tried searching Google, but I haven't found anything that really suites my needs. 


Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions??


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Forward-Facing "Shop"?

I'd like to help get you pointed in the right direction, @scenicemma.


While waiting for other business owners to share their insights about some add-on products that can be used as a forward-facing shop online, let me route you to this helpful blog about online marketplaces: How to Set Up an Online Store.


You can also search this in our QuickBooks App store by typing in a keyword. There are also new apps that were released in the past month. You may check this out on this link: High 5(00)! There are now 500 apps in the QuickBooks Online App Store!


Let me know your thoughts about this. I'll be around to help if you have additional questions about online shop integration in QBO.

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Re: Forward-Facing "Shop"?

hi @scenicemma ,

What kind of product doyou want to sell? If you want to sell digital ones, explore Sellfy.


Hope it helps.

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