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Hector Garcia Says: “17 Awesome Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant”

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In one of his many expertly crafted videos, CPA, small business consultant and YouTube superstar Hector Garcia (@hectorgarciacpa) shared Five Questions You Should Not Ask your Accountant. In the video, Hector explains why these seemingly innocent questions can stop otherwise rich conversations dead in their tracks and lead to shortsighted or inadequate solutions.


On the other hand, Hector also explains how asking your accountant “smart,” targeted questions about your business’s current and ideal state will yield valuable answers. As an added bonus, engaging your accountant in a higher-level conversation about the direction of your business may foster a deeper sense of teamwork and commitment between the two of you. 



Here are the first five of Hector’s “17 Awesome Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant” to ensure you’re getting the most out of your consultations. Accountants, take note – there’s a lot to be gained by posing thoughtful questions that encourage clients to think more deeply about their financial goals!


1. How do I position my product, service and brand so uniquely that it can never be compared with any other brand?

2. How do I improve the effectiveness of my marketing to reach my target clients more often and more effectively?


3. How do I step away from the business so it can run better than when I am not there?


4. How do I leverage technology to speed up everything about my business?


5. How do I effectively double my prices, keep my top customers and lose the bottom ones?






Watch the video below to hear the remaining 12 recommended questions, and follow Hector’s YouTube channel to learn more amazing accounting and QuickBooks tips.



Now it’s your turn


Remember those original five questions, the ones you should not ask your accountant? Now that you’ve seen both sets of questions, do you agree with Hector’s recommendations?


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Hector Garcia Says: “17 Awesome Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant”


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