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How do I cancel my account?

I have been paying for a QuickBooks payments account for two years, and have never used it.  How do I cancel this subscription?

QuickBooks Team

How do I cancel my account?

I'll give you the instructions to close out your QuickBooks Payments account, curtiscampbell.


Since you've never used your Payments account, you can send a written cancellation request. The request must include the following details:

  • Business name
  • Account number
  • Reason for closing
  • Signature of the person who opened the account

Here's a link to get the details to fax or email your request: You can reach out to our Merchant Services Team to check the status of your request.


I'll be around if you need anything else.


Level 1

How do I cancel my account?

How do you know who is the person who opened the account?

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How do I cancel my account?

Hi there, @kathryn.r.elliot,


I want to make sure you're able to cancel our Payments account.


To check your subscription and billing details, I would contact our Payments Support Team. For security purposes, we would need to access your Merchant Services account, which I'm unable to do in this public forum.


To contact us, please check the QuickBooks Payments section of this article: Which Payments product do you need help with?


That should get you routed to the right person to take care of your cancellation. Please let me know how it goes. I'm always around to help you in any ways I can. Have a good one!



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