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How do I scroll through Journal Entries

In a previous version of QuickBooks, I was able to go into Company>Make General Journal Entries and all of my Journal Entries would be there for me to scroll through.

I recently got Desktop Pro 2019 and I am only seeing one JE at a time.  There is a set of arrows for me to see entries one by one, but I can't find the setting to be able to scroll through them.

QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I scroll through Journal Entries

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @TRIZZO.


Currently, there is no setting for you to scroll through your journal entries. However, I have another option you can consider.


You can view your Journal report to show the list of all your journal entries. Here's how:

  1. Click on Company from the menu bar.
  2. Click on Make General Journal Entries.
  3. Click on the Reports tab.
  4. Under the Entries entered drop-down, select the period you want to view.

You may also click on the Memorize to save the report on your Memorized Reports.


Fill me in if you have any other questions about your journal entries. I'll always be here to assist you.

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Re: How do I scroll through Journal Entries

The table below the Journal form "List of Selected Journal Entries", is I think a Premier or Enterprise only feature and not available in Pro.


It looks like this in Enterprise 19.0:



Is this what you're missing?  If so it's probably because you have Pro.

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Re: How do I scroll through Journal Entries

Why was the Show List option removed from the Journal Entry screen?  That option is way more convenient that the report. Now we have to research a journal entry number before changes can be made, instead of just searching for the JE in the list. Since there is no direct link from the report back to the JE screen.


Re: How do I scroll through Journal Entries

Thanks for getting back to us, STC_Melissa.

I can provide additional information about the available options from the journal entry screen in QuickBooks Desktop.


As our Community Backer BRC mentioned above, this feature is available in QuickBooks Desktop Premiere and Enterprise. The Show List option from the journal entry screen is only available in the QuickBooks Desktop Accountant's Edition and depending on the QuickBooks version.


You may want to make sure that you're using the correct QuickBooks edition and version.



To toggle your QuickBooks, here's how:


  1. From the File menu, select Toggle to Another Edition.
  2. Choose the edition, then click Next.
  3. Select Toggle.

You can get more details in this article:


Feel free to drop a reply below if you have any other questions about journal entries in QuickBooks. Have a nice day.

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Re: How do I scroll through Journal Entries

I do miss the old list style of scrolling through all the journal entries.  Just today I too almost concluded there was no way to see them all.  But a little bit of poking around revealed there is a new way. 


In the Pro version, from the 'Make General Journal Entries' page, I just click <Find> right below the navigation arrows and type in a range of 1/1/1901 to 1/1/2099 and they all come up.  Double clicking on any entry takes me right to it where it can be edited.  Tabbing back to the find results it is automatically changed to match if edits were made.  


The <Find> window automatically adds new journal entries, responds to edits made, and is double-click linked to all journal entries, so while a little more cumbersome, it's essentially the same thing.  The main difference appears to be requiring a date range to be inputted before any entries are displayed.  1901 - 9999 should catch everything.  Being able to narrow it down is also useful when scrolling through for a particular query.

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Re: How do I scroll through Journal Entries

Yes, this is definitely an issue generally in QB, either version.  What I've done to remedy that is to create a register for the Genl Journal by creating an account (I've got mine set up as a bank account w/$0 balance) called something like "Journal Entry Header," and then using that account line as the first line item at the top of every JE.  Nothing gets booked to that line, but in using it at the top, when you go to the register for that account, you'll have a concise compiling of all JEs in one place.  Unfortunately scrolling still doesn't work from within the entry, but at least you can find everything in one spot, and you can scroll through/down the register yourself to find what you're looking for.  Protip:  use the "Description" field of the "Journal Entry Header" account in the entry to describe what the JE is to help identify it quickly when looking through the register.

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