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Integrate QBD with Zoho CRM

We use QBD Premier and also have a Wordpress eCommerce website.  We are beginning to incorporate Zoho CRM and wish to know if it is possible to integrate QBD with Zoho.  Our goal is to have integration of customers, invoicing, payments, inventory etc. (do not use payroll) and if it is possible as a 2-way sync.  I have searched the community for a while without finding much, if any information, which deals with this and have posted to Zoho as well, but have not received a response yet.  I have found several 3rd party solutions, but they cost thousands of $$$.  We are a very small, growing company with no intention of a QBO subscription...due to what would be an extreme expense for us...nothing like everything being a subscription cost these days.  I am hoping there is a a way to do this without having manually export/import.  Is there anyone here that has had success with this using Zoho?  Should we look at a different CRM such as Bitrix or one of the others?

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QuickBooks Team

Integrate QBD with Zoho CRM

Hello, Jon_AK.


I'm happy to hear that your small company is growing! Doing research and reaching out to experienced users are two ways to ensure a successful integration. I appreciate the details in your response, and I'm here to point you in the right direction for the program integration. 


Integrating QuickBooks Premier with Zoho CRM might be possible. Since you've already posted on Zoho's forum page, you'll want to directly contact their support. Their agents will be able to give you instructions and a working connector to integrate both programs. 


Their contact information can be found in their website. 


Also, users who had a successful experience with Zoho integration might be able to share their advice. Plus, they can also add their recommendations for other CRMs. 


Ready to work on QuickBooks Desktop after integrating and bringing in your Zoho data? Check out our articles for guides. They have the steps on how to manage your customers, expenses, banking, etc.. Browse a specific topic here and look for an article that works for your tasks. 


I hope a continued success to your business. You're always welcome to visit our Community space if you have questions with QuickBooks Desktop. You can also leave your replies here, and I'll get back to you. 

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