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Integrating ShopKeep with QuickBooks Online

I have just switched to QuickBooks Online for my small Ice Cream Shop.   I use ShopKeep at the store.  I want to have Shopkeep upload daily sales to my QuickBooks online.

Has anyone done this?  Do you have recommendations?  Is it reliable?  How should I handle my employee's credit card tips?  Gratuity seems to be a hazy subject GL account-wise.

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Integrating ShopKeep with QuickBooks Online

visit this link for your reference


Good luck!

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Integrating ShopKeep with QuickBooks Online

I'm also looking for more info on how others have integrated ShopKeeps daily sales summaries into their bookkeeping.   We recently started using ShopKeep's POS and set up the integration within ShopKeep's backoffice.  The documentation is a bit lacking however this highlights the limited customization available -


Here is essentially what happens between ShopKeep and QBO upon register closing.  Two entries are made, one a Sales Receipt and the other a Journal Entry.


The Sale's Receipt is fairly straight forward, includes all products and services sold and their totals are batches up.  This will include returns and discounts but does not include items such as Sales Tax.  The only option you have is which to have it 'Deposit To' by default I think it's 'Inventory'.


While I probably would prefer everything such as Sales Tax and tenders received be included in the automated Sales receipt.  For whatever reason that's not the route ShopKeep went with and they instead also create a Journal Entry: Tenders.   The entries in here lead with your credits of the Sale's Receipt so Line 1 would be 'Inventory'(or whatever you map it to) and have your daily sales amount summarized. This is followed by another Credit of Sales Tax.  The next series of lines are all the Debits pertaining to monies collected.  The only I'm looking at has 4 lines for various credit cards, one for cash and one for a Venmo payment.  Obviously the Debits and Credits zero out. The last item on the JE is the memo where it shows who opened the register and the amount it opened with.  Then who closed the register and the closing amount and if there are any Over/Short amounts pertaining to the register.


With the idea of ensuring clean and organized books, what are some suggestions on handling these two entries?  

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