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Inventory Set Up

I just began with QuickBooks Online.  

I am trying to set up my inventory in such a way that I can order everything from my suppliers by Purchase Order.  For what I sell, I will typically order an unfinished product, get it painted, add the the casters, ad the hardware. 

I know my costs for each portion of putting together the finished produt, so my thought was to add every bolt, screw, washer, caster and product part as an inventory item, Then build a bundle with the items that make up each product that I sell.

QB will not let me add a sales price to the bundle.  Or categorize the bundle.  Most of the time, I sell the bundle as a inished product and almost never sell any of the individual components.

How do I track the components of each product and link them to a particular finished product?

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Level 15

Inventory Set Up

QBO is designed for a comic book store, buy the comic, sell the comic

A bundle is not a real item, it is a nickname for things sold together

The price of a bundle is the sum of the prices of the items in the bundle. You can set the sales price of all the inventory items to zero, include a service item named for what you sell and set the sales price on that service item. The bundle will then sell at the service item price and the inventory items you include will be pulled from inventory.

That also gives you the option to run a sales by item report, the service item will show you how many completed products you sell.

Level 11

Inventory Set Up

@Rustler wrote:

"QBO is designed for a comic book store, buy the comic, sell the comic"


Now we know about QBO Inventory function.



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