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Invoice with Google Calendar in QuickBooks Online, Synergise Your Existing Software

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If you’re currently using QuickBooks Online for invoicing and Google Calendar for scheduling appointments, good news. There’s an app for that - the Invoice with Google Calendar app. We live in an age when using three or more platforms to interact with clients is the norm – but more isn’t necessarily better. This simple connector app pulls your workflow together, reducing the number of steps needed to take action from your existing appointment information.


Jacob Feldman of Nexus Academics, an educational consulting and standardized-test preparation group in New York City, can testify. His team uses the integrated Invoice with Google Calendar to create invoices from existing scheduled appointments. Instead of jumping between programs and doing double data-entry (both error-inducing activities), Jacob’s staff uses Google Calendar to handle the front-end work and ports the information directly into their QuickBooks accounting workflow.


"My company does all its scheduling on Google, and I didn’t want to have

an unconnected system for invoicing and accounting. Before, it was a

multi-step process of extracting data from Google Calendar for invoicing

clients. This integration cuts hours of out my week and allows me time to

grow my business.”



G calendar.PNG


This process saves Jacob and his team valuable time. Just as important as speed, the integration eliminates opportunities for making costly billing mistakes altogether.


“One of the main benefits of the integration is that it eliminates the worry

about quality assurance when billing my clients. As long as my

employees' calendars are correct, my invoices will be.”


Instead of extracting numbers, adding up invoices and constantly

double-checking everything. Everything is done for me.”


There’s also the added benefit of customization, which leverages the invoicing power of QuickBooks and the scheduling capabilities of Google Calendar collectively, rather than using each moving part in isolation.


“My tutors all bill at different rates, which used to mean rechecking

numbers every month. I can now automate prices per client and have the

numbers pre-filled on invoices.”


This is just one example of how the QuickBooks ecosystem synergizes with the apps you already use. These app integrations have minimal impact on your existing routine while greatly reducing the number of steps needed to utilize your existing information into QuickBooks.


Get more mileage out of QuickBooks and Google Calendar


Set up is as easy as using the actual app:


  • Like all other apps, start by visiting the QuickBooks App Store and downloading the Invoice with Google Calendar App. Once you “authorize” the integration, you’re on your way.

  • Click the Global Create Icon (Action Icon.PNG ) to start a new invoice. On the invoice form, you will now see a small calendar icon (G calendar 3 - Copy.PNG ) below the line item section. Click the icon to access your Google Calendar appointments.

G calendar 3.PNG


  • This brings up a side menu. Select the appropriate calendar (you can choose from multiple) and date range, the applicable appointments will appear below. Check the ones you need and add them to the invoice.

    G calendar 2.PNG


  • Event details, titles, description, and hours worked will automatically populate your invoice. If something doesn’t look quite right, you can always edit the item directly on the form. 

  • Save. Send.

  • Done!

Now it’s your turn


What’s your favorite integrated QuickBooks app, why do you like it, and how do you think the app could be improved?

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Invoice with Google Calendar in QuickBooks Online, Synergise Your Existing Software

How do I import the Google calendar event address into a new QB customer?

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Invoice with Google Calendar in QuickBooks Online, Synergise Your Existing Software

Hey @Anonymous,


Welcome to the community. Are you asking about creating new customers from existing Google Calendar events? 

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Invoice with Google Calendar in QuickBooks Online, Synergise Your Existing Software

Yes. I can see how to add a new customer in Quickbooks from the Google calendar invent > create invoice, but I have to re-type their name and address. I'd rather import what has already been entered into the Google calendar event.

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