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How would an Automotive shop invoice and get paid for a job that takes 2-3 months but needs to get paid throughout the job for accruing hours, labor and parts. Can't wait until the job is complete. I know our tax person says we are to collect tax on all hours/labor billed if parts are included in the invoice. However, some weeks there is only hours/labor billed do I still collect tax on that. If a job is done and no parts purchased throughout then no tax.

Thank you for any advise you can give.

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Re: invoicing

Usually on a job of that size you would have given the customer an estimate of the total cost. If this is the case then you can provide a progress invoice from that estimate.  I don't think QBO does progress invoicing yet but the workaround is to make a copy of the estimate and save it. Then create an invoice, the estimate provides that choice to you, and modify the invoice created from the original estimate to show what is completed as of that date.  Then go to the saved copy of the original estimate and change the quantity/dollar amount to only show what remains to be invoiced on another progress invoice. I suggest numbering them so you can quickly see they go together. Such as for Estimate #010 the first progress invoice would be 010.1  and you would then do the next one as 010.2 etc... At least that is my method. 

if you did not give an estimate you would go ahead and make one for yourself in QBO and use that same method to produce invoices.  Hope that helps. I am fairly new at using QBO but I do quite a bit of construction accounts and this is how I can get progress invoices for them.

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Re: invoicing

I would recommend setting up a Job or sub-account under that customer and bill there each week/term that you choose.

  1. Go to Sales.
  2. In the Customers tab, click on New Customer.
  3. Enter the job information.
  4. Check the box for "Is sub-customer."
  5. Select the parent customer.
  6. Select either "Bill with parent" or "Bill this customer."
  7. Click on Save.

As for whether there is tax to be billed on some of the labor only invoices, please consult you state and local authorities or tax adviser. Some states do not charge and some do.


Feel free to email me back if I can help you further.

Best wishes to you and your company!