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Making QB Work for Selling Online (topic modified for clarity)

I am an online seller of handcrafted jewelry.  I sell across multiple platforms.  I can't find helpful information for the size biz I am.  I can't afford a $1,500 accounting program,  I use QB Premier

1.  I can't find a work around for selling in multiple locations, Amazon warehouse, consignment stores, art shows using custom fiels

2.  I'd like to bracode my produc ts.  I can't find a work around using custom fields

3.  I occasionally sell at shows, but because I can't barcode my products and do swipe, customers walk away bec ause I'm not "fast enough" checking them out.

4.  I'd like to put a pic of my product on the invoice, can't use custom fields for jpegs or pdfs.


What are the solutions for the small biz owner to play with the big boys wiothout creating multiple s[preadsheets to tie this all together?

Level 7

Making QB Work for Selling Online (topic modified for clarity)

Hey, @CelticMink - a warm welcome to QB Community. Selling across multiple platforms can be a lot to keep track of (as many of our members have pointed out in this thread). You've come to the right place for help! 


@Anonymous, @Shahji, any ideas?

Level 15

Making QB Work for Selling Online (topic modified for clarity)

QB is accounting.

your pictures go on amazon or any other web store you might also use. QB just does not accommodate pics for anything.

Bar-coding can be done, but you have to realize that a bar code scanner is a keyboard substitute, it scans the code and sends characters to the software. So the restriction for bar coding in QB is that the bar code has to translate to the item name and that only works if the cursor is in the item name block on screen. To be honest it is not worth the hassle of trying to implement it in QB desktop.

For trade fairs I suggest you use an economical POS system on a laptop, and when you use a CC app to enter the charge you just enter a total and not try to manage inventory on the phone. I use Regit POS for trade shows, in many ways the inventory system in that POS is more functional than QB. When you get home, just make a summary entry in QB using a sales receipt, you sold x-number of widgets, x-number of hoogalators, etc etc

Level 7

Making QB Work for Selling Online (topic modified for clarity)

Hey @Rekha-DivineNY - you sell on Etsy and Amazon! Do you have any pointers?

Level 4

Making QB Work for Selling Online (topic modified for clarity)

Hi @CelticMink,


I am not sure if you have explored the Shopify POS or Square POS or not, because they emerging as low cost POS systems which will help you to do what you are expecting.Also regarding the Accounting of the Sales you have to use Quickbooks and that is what you are using right now.So there are plenty of integrators which will help you manage the Inventory sync across the channels and post the sales data to QuickBooks Automatically. One software i can recommend for the Integratration is Unify Desktop by Webgility as it does all you need .It can import the sales from Shopify or Square POS and also post the Orders to QuickBooks Desktop. It also Manages the Inventory Sync across the Multiple Online sales Channels.

Regarding second question about customizing the Invoices so i have seen Shopify POS and Revel Systems features they do provide customized invoices But i am not sure if they provide barcode services.That you can check with them.

I know you are hesitating to invest more but in order to ease up the things you will need some tools to help you grow because the time you are spending on managing these operations can be utilyzed in more productive work in other areas. :)

Level 1

Making QB Work for Selling Online (topic modified for clarity)

For now consider me a micro seller, small biz, monetized hobby.  My biz lives on a budget.  I have to plan how I spend my money.  I have to find things that work with my budget.  Trade off, sales are increasing, expenses are increasing.  I spend more time on management and less time on making or designing new products.  


I've got to trade off what I can afford and making do with what I've got.


I've hire some help.  I've delegated services to others.


If this software will solve my problem and integrate my platforms, then I'll budget for it.  For now, I have to function on what I have, make do, etc.  


By mistake I thought I was upgrading my QB by buying new software and instead, bought only the subscription service.   I had to scramble to pay for an unplanned expense, to buy the software this year or pay the subscription service.

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