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memorized transactions list

Some users get to see the memorized transactions list.

Is there a setting that will block that?

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memorized transactions list

I can't find a specific right to this list even in Enterprise.


What's the issue?

QuickBooks Team

memorized transactions list

Hi Florina,


The setting to block the users to see the memorized transactions list is unavailable. Though, you can edit the user roles to view some areas of your account.


Please check out the details about the user types and permissions in this article: Understanding user types and permissions.


You can swing by anytime in the Community space if you have any questions.



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memorized transactions list


RE: The setting to block the users to see the memorized transactions list is unavailable.


It's not "unavailable".  It doesn't exist.


And I already indicated that.

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memorized transactions list

We rely heavily on this feature in QB and we have users that have mistakenly edited transactions and caused the recurring invoice to skip a cycle which is a disaster for us.  I think it is terrible that this is not covered in security setup.


memorized transactions list

Hey there, GMCP.


Feedback from you inspires our developers to design QuickBooks to your needs. Since the option to block users from the Users and Roles section is unavailable, the only workaround is to uncheck the Share this report template with other options.


Here's how:


  1. Open the report, then click the Memorize option at the top. 
  2. Select New, then enter a new name.
  3. Put a checkmark on Save in Memorized Report Group, then choose a group.
  4. Remove checkmark beside the Share this report template with others option.
  5. Hit OK

I appreciate your input from every angle. Since you're taking the best course of action for this tool, I'm personally forwarding this request to our product engineers.


To stay updated on new features and options, I recommend visiting this link:


If you have any follow up questions, I'll be here. Don't hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Level 3

memorized transactions list

I've read thru all the comments in this section, especially the last one about limiting users to Memorized REPORTS but the question is not about reports --- its about limiting access to Memorized TRANSACTIONS which is really different. 


I've looked thru the roles in QB and you can, indeed, limit access to Memorized REPORTS, but there is nothing specific whatsoever about limiting access to certain Memorized TRANSACTIONS as you would, for example, limit access to certain bank accounts.  I'm fine for some of my people to access the PayPal account but not the Gen'l Op Acct or the Payroll Acc't, and I can customized a role that does just that.


I'd like to be able to do the same thing with my Memorized TRANSACTIONS because some of them are sensitive and I'd rather make sure not everyone can see that except QB doesn't even provide this as a choice or option.



Level 1

memorized transactions list

Agreed that limited access to Memorized Transactions needs to happen. There can be sensitive financial data on these transaction. Does anyone know how to actually limit access to memorized transactions?


The above response from the moderator was for memorized reports not memorized transactions. 

Level 1

memorized transactions list

I have exactly the same issue.  Did anyone ever respond or were you able to find a solution?

QuickBooks Team

memorized transactions list

Hi there, Tju1950.


As you may have been informed in the previous responses, there's no option to block users from seeing the memorized transactions list. Here's an article about customizing user access for more details: Create And Manage Roles In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise


Please take note that even if the users can open the Memorized Transaction List window, they won't be able to see the details or edit the transactions at all. The only information that they can see are the name, type of transaction, source accounts, amount, frequency, and next date of the transaction. 

The Community is always here if you need anything else. 

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