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Memorized Transactions

I run a subscription business and I created memorized transactions and grouped them by month, quarterly and yearly.  I need to add the month or the quarter or the year automatically on the transaction when they are created.  I currently have to go in and add it individually to each invoice which kind of defeats the purpose of automation.  Is there a way of doing this?  I called support and had no luck.  Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Memorized Transactions

Yes, memorized transactions don't work well for your cases, where you really want them to be different each time in some way, such as where the memo or description needs to be different.


This might be a good case for using an import tool like our BRC IIF Transaction Creator Pro 

You can use it to make a list of transactions in Excel, complete with your custom text, and then import them.  Then use the same worksheet as a template for the next period, first changing the memo.  You can use Excel's formulas and/or copy/paste abilities to update many transactions quickly.  Then export them to an IIF file and import that file.

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Memorized Transactions

I will try it.  Thank you.


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