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MFC # as Barcode in POS

I need the MFC number displayed as a barcode on shelf labels printed form POS. In the editor I only see options to create a barcode from Quickbooks item number, alternative lookup, and UPC.


Alternative lookup is already being used for GS1 numbers, UPC is not being used, but I do not believe that would work as MFC #'s are alphanumeric.


Is there any way to pull a barcode from the MFC number?


Or can I add another additional lookup field that can also pull a barcode?


If not can any type of additional field be created to store the GS1 number so we can use the additional lookup field for MFC#?

If so how can we bulk transfer all additional lookup numbers to the new field and all MFC numbers to additional lookup?


Or is there any way to turn off UPC formatting & check digits so that field can be used for GS1/MFC?

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QuickBooks Team

MFC # as Barcode in POS

Let me share with you a few information about this, Bauer1987.


Currently, QuickBooks Desktop only works with UPCs.


Every item has an item number associated with inventory. When printing tags from within the program using the default templates, the item number is used to create the barcode. This allows you to print and scan barcoded tags for your inventory items, whether or not they have UPC or Alternate Lookups defined. 


There are several advantages when you're using the item number for the bar codes.

  • You can print bar-coded tags for any item in inventory and then list them on documents using a bar code scanner, even if you don't have a vendor-provided UPC code.
  • Item number bar codes are smaller than bar codes created from UPC or alternate lookup values, meaning they fit better on smaller tag sizes.
  • If a tag bar code is unscannable, it is quicker to manually enter an item number than the longer UPC or alternate-lookup

Please check this article for more information: Point of Sale Barcodes And UPCS Defined.


For your reference, you can check out this article to know some of the compatible devices when using QuickBooks Point of Sale.


Let me know if you need anything else. I'll be here to help.

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