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Multiple Units of Measure in QB Enterprise 2018

Hello all,


     Trying to see if Multiple Units of Measure will help us solve an old problem.  We recently upgraded from QB Pro 2009 to QB Enterprise 2018.  This was a very badly needed upgrade for us because we have more inventory than QB Pro can handle.

     This leads to one of the issues we have with our inventory.  In QB Pro, we were double entering items (or more) because of quantity counts.  For example:



     They are ordered in bags of 100, sold as 100 or per each.  The big problem of course, proper inventory count wasn't being kept.  Same problem for wire/cable.  We buy bulk spools/boxes and sell by the foot.

     This is the situation we are trying to fix with the upgrade to QB Enterprise.  I don't think I'm understanding the Multiple Units of Measure correctly though.  I figured it would allow us to have just one listing for the item and let us select the quantity based on the "U/M Set" created/used for it.  So I did a test with an item we didn't have in our system before (ran out of room in Pro).  Created the item singularly.  Created the U/M Set.


     I then created a quick PO ordering (4) bags of 100.  And I showed it received so the item would have quantity in inventory.


     The problem here is that it doesn't actually show that the quantity is (4) pkg of 100.  Anyone that doesn't understand that already would be confused.

     Next problem is for sales.  In QB Pro, when we were listing the items twice, we had cost/sell prices for each and 100pkg.  With this example I've made as a singular item, it only shows one price no matter what I select.  This is where I am really stuck and not understanding.  How am I supposed to use Multiple Units of Measure on an item if it's only going to show a single cost/sell price?


Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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QuickBooks Team

Multiple Units of Measure in QB Enterprise 2018

Thanks for sharing the details with me, @Neptune_Brandon.


Allow me to shed some light on using the Multiple Units of Measure feature in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Using this feature allows you to show quantities, price rates, and costs for the item.  You can use this mode if you buy, stock, or sell any item in more than one unit of measure. An example of this, you buy an inventory item by box (24pc) and sell the 24 items separately.


To show the cost or selling price of the item you’re selling, toggle UM to convert how you sell the item. either by pack or package.  I’ve added a screenshot for visual reference. 1.JPG


To learn more about how units of measure works, check out this article for reference: Use single and multiple units of measure for items.


I'm also adding this link that you can use for additional guidance in adjusting your inventory quantity effectively.


Let me know if there’s anything else you need help managing your inventory. I’m only a post away from you. Have a good one!

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