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New American Express® Business Card App Connections Blocked


Have you noticed recently that you aren't able to connect your American Express® Business Card to QuickBooks Online? Let us explain why!


What is the American Express® Business Card App?

The American Express® Business Card app provides customers the ability to connect their American Express® Business Card(s) to QuickBooks Online, so they can easily import and categorize their expenses and save time from manual entry.

*This is the American Express app that is connected on the Banking page for Business Cards only. 


What is happening?

As we are working to provide our customers a new and improved experience with the American Express® Business App, we ran into some technical constraints which have led to us making the decision to disable the ability to establish new connections to the app. Engineers from both American Express® and Intuit are working to rectify this situation as soon as possible. We apologize for this inconvenience.


How does this impact me?

  • New App Connections: At this time, you will no longer be able to find the American Express® Business App on the Banking tab, or the Apps tab, as well as the App Center. In addition, the customer will no longer be able to connect to QuickBooks Online from the American Express® website.
  • Existing App Connections: You will still be able to disconnect your American Express® Business Card from QuickBooks Online by using the “Disconnect” option on the Banking tab, but will need to follow the outlined steps to reconnect. 

Re-connecting the app

  1. Validate that the American Express® card you wish to connect, is disconnected from a QBO account. 
    1. We strongly recommend that the American Express® card being connected to QBO, has been disconnected from any/all QBO accounts for at least 12-24 hours, before attempting to reconnect.
  2. Next, in a new browser window (and not logged into any QBO or Intuit accounts), copy and paste the following URL into the browser:
    1. (For more than one American Express card on the account, toggle the last “0” to a “1”, then “2”...until you find the right card).
  3. Login to the American Express® website
  4. Navigate to the Statements & Activity tab at the top
  5. Select the Connect to QuickBooks under the Business Tools section on the left side of the page
  6. Once on the Connect to QuickBooks screen, set up the Business cards desired and connect to QuickBooks Online.


Please Contact Us, if you have any connections with re-connecting your account.

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