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Online or desktop version based on my business scenario?

I sell window coverings without a showroom, 100% by appointment in customer's home with samples. Speed is of the essence when dealing with the sales portion of the appointment IE- giving the customer an estimate, converting to an immediate sale, taking payment right then. I don't want to stumble around and bore the customer to death when they are ready to buy.

We will take credit cards via intuit go pay system.


My workflow in my mind would be something like this:

  • Customer calls to make an appointment - Take the customer's Name, address, email when setting the in home appointment, prior to the meeting create the customer in quickbooks so the client information is readily available instead of typing this in in front of the customer at their home
  • During the in home presentation, create a quick books estimate quickly on laptop using quickbooks software, present to customer
  • If customer buys, convert quick books estimate to invoice, take deposit using credit card with intuit card swiper, apply deposit to quickbooks invoice, email customer receipt before leaving
  • Then we order products and when they arrive we go back and install and pull up customer's quickbooks invoice and take final payment via  credit card swiper
  • Customer may also decline to buy on the initial visit but contact us ready to now move forward, would then take credit card over phone and take deposit without returning to customer home

This is a small lean and mean company with just myself, I will be paid with payroll so need that in quickbooks.


Based on my scenario, is there a reason I should  buy the desk top edition and keep in on the lap top and desk top and sync the files at the end of the day, or should I rent the online version?


Thank you 

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Online or desktop version based on my business scenario?

It is all going to depend on your desire to immediately in their home deliver a digital estimate and invoice to their email or phone.  If that is necessary then go with QBO. If you are going to swipe a credit card in their home and use QB payments you need an internet connection at the least. Having QBO on a tablet with its own phone line ($20/month at Verizon plus device cost) that is also a consideration.


You can run payments with your phone regardless of online or desktop QB


The final puzzle piece - unless you are set up as a Subchapter S corporation or an LLC electing to be taxed as a corporation then payroll is absolutely USELESS to you as you are prohibited from using payroll to pay your draw (LLC or sole-proprietor)  And even if you qualify for payroll for one person it is free to do it without payroll subscription. It is not that hard. The IRS publications still have tables for deductions

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Online or desktop version based on my business scenario?


We would recommend QB Online than QB Desktop to meet your needs. You may have options with following points:

1. QB Desktop

* Consider Premier edition. For 1 user license, you may get it for less than $400 thru a partner/reseller.

* For scheduling, consider having a CRM app and/or project management app.

* To accept payment onsite, QuickBooks Payment supports QB Desktop


2. QB Online

* Consider QB Online Plus




* For scheduling, accept payment onsite, and task maangement in a single 3rd party app




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Online or desktop version based on my business scenario?

What would be the advantage of QBO over QBDesktop in my situation? Can the different workflows be explained?


The monthly subscription price of $74.00 a month for QBO simple start just seems outrageous compared to QB Pro desktop to which amounts to about $8 a month dividing the $300 fee over 36 months. I'm paying $2664.00 versus $300.00

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Online or desktop version based on my business scenario?

QB Desktop has more features than QB Online. You should try both platform prior taking any decision. If the cost is your primary concern, go to QBD Pro edition. For 1 user with a one time license, you may get it for around $200 thru a partner/reseller.

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