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Printing checks... and check printing

Than you! That's very helpful, but I also want it to print the physical check at the same time (not just who it's too and amount, but the actual check itself as well and signature) ... is that possible?




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Printing checks... and check printing

Hey @TylerConveyor,


Absolutely, the end of the video sort of skips over that part, but once everything is aligned and defaulted to Adobe Pdf, you just have to click "print" and you're off. Again, do some paper test copies first so you don't waste good paper on alignment. 


Do you have checks for printing? You can play with the alignment if you need to fit non-Intuit checks.

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Printing checks... and check printing

No, I mean, I don't have the checks... I want to print my own checks (I have blank paper withoOUT account information or address or anything - with BLANK CHECK STOCK like this: see attachment also), then print the checks I need to in QBO BUT do it at the same time.... does that make sense???


Printing checks... and check printing

Hi there, @TylerConveyor,


Thanks for providing additional details about how you want to print the checks.


QuickBooks Online does not currently support printing checks on blank check stock. The software only supports Voucher and Standard check styles.


In your case, you'll need to use third party sources, such as MultiChax and VersaCheck Gold.


To find out more about this, you can check this article:


If you have additional questions about printing checks, I'm here to answer them however I can.

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