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Purchase Order form style - importing custom style



I am in the process of moving from Xero


I've imported a custom Invoice style, and will be doing the Estimate shortly.


Where and how do I import Purchase Order and Remittance?

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Purchase Order form style - importing custom style




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Purchase Order form style - importing custom style

Hey @volant


Thanks for reaching out to the community. It depends on which version of QuickBooks you are using. For instance, if you're using QuickBooks Online the Estimate form can be copied directly from the Invoice form (i.e. they're both edited from the same Custom Form Styles menu). You aren't able to customize PO and remittance forms in QBO. 


In QuickBooks Desktop, you can edit PO forms in Company Settings > Vendors and Purchases. If your PO forms are in IIF form, those can be imported directly into QBDT (see discussion and article). Hope this helps!

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Purchase Order form style - importing custom style

Using QBO


That's rather frustrating.  Seems like the system only got half developed.


So what style do those layouts use then?

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Purchase Order form style - importing custom style

Well from quite a bit of searching on the net I can confirm that this isn't possible.  Which is terribly frustrating and annoying as I've literally just started moving from Xero, and one of the sole reasons is you can't customise all their templates.

It seems like the development teams of these companies haven't really spoken to their customers and market to see what they require.  And that fact is justified by the number of questions online from other users facing similar frustrations.

The most annoying thing is all QBO can say is "Send feedback for development" and "check for a 3rd party app" - that's nuts!  I'm already paying a handsome amount monthly for QBO subscription.  

If I add the price of an app, I could just as easily switch to a higher grade system which is far to big for me and doubly bizarre as QBO already has Purchase Orders and everything else I need!


@development I trust you are listening!  Allow us to customise ALL layouts. That includes Purchase Orders and Remittances.


There's absolutely no point creating a function unless you can allow it to be fully used.

Leslieb Sia
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Purchase Order form style - importing custom style

Hi QB,

I am also keen on this feature on the purchase order can we see this feature before end of the year?

QuickBooks Team

Purchase Order form style - importing custom style

Hi there, @Leslieb Sia.


I appreciate you reaching out to us here in the Community. Allow me to provide some information about customizing Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online.


Since customizing Purchase Order is currently unavailable, sending your feedback online would be a big help for us to determine the features that need to be added to our product. You can do this by clicking on the Gear icon and select Send Feedback Online. I can see the importance that this feature can have on your business and organizations. I'll also do my part and raise this concern to our Developers so this will be taken care of. 


I also have here an article that you can refer to about the recent updates and features in QuickBooks Online:


This should keep you moving today, @Leslieb Sia. Please know that the Community has your back should you have any questions. Have a great day!


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Purchase Order form style - importing custom style

It's rather frustrating that the feature to import a custom estimate is no longer available.  We had previously imported this and were using it.  Now I went to update it and it's no longer an option.  The customization using the form templates provided to us are a joke!!!

QuickBooks Team

Purchase Order form style - importing custom style

Hi whaley, 


Thanks for joining this thread and sharing your thoughts about the import custom estimate feature. Allow me to provide insights about it and give an alternative for how you can customize your estimate the way your business needs.


At this time, we're only able to import custom invoice template. While the option you need is no longer available, I'll bring this as a suggestion to our product engineers attention and see if they can reintroduce it in the future updates.


You can also do the same thing from your side and add to the requests submitted by other users who would also love to see the feature again. To do so, just click the Gear icon, and select Feedback


In the meantime, you'll want to customize a new Estimate template within QuickBooks Online. To create one from scratch, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Gear icon, then select Custom Form Styles.
  2. On the New Style drop-down menu, choose Estimate.
  3. Use the settings on each tab to build your estimate from the ground up.
  4. Click Save before finishing.

For more details, check out this article:

How to customize invoices, estimates, and sales receipts


These resources can also help give a personal touch to your estimates and create your own brand. 


If you have other questions with the process, feel free to let me know by dropping a comment below. Rest assured, I'll get back and help you out. 

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