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QB pro Desktop - 2 computers - 1 user

Good afternoon everyone,


I currently use a single user QB desktop software on 1 PC at my business. I am looking at purchasing an additional laptop to use at home and I would like to be able to have my QB files on both computers, but I am unsure if it is possible or what my limitations may be. If it is possible I have a few questions, if anyone has the answer to them I would really appreciate it.


- Would information update automatically from one computer to the next? Would I be able to make changes before leaving work, get home and be able to turn on my laptop and see those changes?

- Do I need to log out of either computer to able to access the information on the other? 

- How difficult/risky is it to transfer initial setup data between computers?


I am sure as I get some responses I'll have more questions pop up, but thank you for any help! Have a great day. 

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QB pro Desktop - 2 computers - 1 user

The cheapest (i.e free) option is put your data file in cloud storage (e.q GDrive) and download it to your computer everytime you want to work on it. Another option is using a remote desktop solution. You don't need to install QuickBooks on your second machine.

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