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QBO Quick Tips - Take The 3 Minute Custom Invoice Challenge in QuickBooks Online

When you work for yourself, time is a precious commodity. Finding the time to do everything it takes to run the business - create, plan, build, invoice and manage - is no small challenge, let alone sneaking in some much-needed downtime.

In the interest of time-saving invoice solutions, I considered the implicit challenge made by the article Create a Freelancer Invoice in 90 Seconds: can you create a professional-quality, customized invoice with QuickBooks in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee? The answer - yes!



End-to-end, the whole process took less than three minutes (around 160 seconds). In that time, I changed my invoice layout and color scheme, updated my business address, enabled online invoice payments and added a friendly message.


I also had time to modify the invoice for a specific project - I changed my hourly rate, added a detailed description of the consultation meetings and showed the client that staff training was included at no additional cost.


So, how long does it take you to create and send a brand new custom invoice?


Here are my top tips for making the process simple and streamlined:

  • Start with Complete Data - Go to the Sales Tab and select “Products and Services” to see a complete list of your offerings. Add the essentials details and any additional information that matters to your customers.

  • What you'll need for your customization:
    • Company contact information
    • A branded logo
    • A completed product and services list (above)
    • Email and message copy
    • Relevant attachments


Is custom invoicing worth 3 minutes of your time? We sure think so. After all, an invoice is like a business card – branded, personalized invoices are powerful tools that leave a lasting impression of your business, increase customer retention and boost your bottom-line.


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How fast can you create a custom invoice? Challenge yourself and share your experience in the QuickBooks Community!

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QBO Quick Tips - Take The 3 Minute Custom Invoice Challenge in QuickBooks Online

Can the same be done from my phone? I'm usually at the event location. I can't seem to add logo? Thanks in advance
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QBO Quick Tips - Take The 3 Minute Custom Invoice Challenge in QuickBooks Online

Hey @Empirecinema2u,


Yes, you should be able to do basic customizations in the mobile app, though I'd recommend creating multiple in QuickBooks Online on a computer and editing them on the go, rather than creating them from scratch. 


Here's a list of all the features available for the QBO app, just in case you're curious about anything else! 

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