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Quality of Quickbooks Desktop ProAdvisor Training and Support?

I am transitioning back to Quickbooks Desktop after dropping it for a number of years. I am a small business owner and take care of the books for a few small businesses. In the past I have always had the Accountant version to accommodate all potential needs and for bulk edit functionality when needed. 

I am trying to decide between the one-time purchase option vs the ProAdvisor annual subscription. I understand the latter comes with support and training, per the phone sales folks. I am curious to hear what the quality of the training materials are like. The phone sales person I spoke with could provide scant little info about what the materials were like in terms of format (video based, text based), scope, current-ness, and quality. And said there were no examples I could see prior to purchase. I'm confident I could get up an running without training, but it has been a number of years since I've used QB Desktop so am open to the idea of having a good (preferably video based) library of tutorials for reference and ramping up. Assuming they're good. Otherwise, I'd probably just go with the one-time purchase option.

Hopefully I won't be needing tech support much. But in the event I do, how good is it? Is it phone based? Are there long wait times? Are the techs knowledgable/helpful?

Any insight based on experience would be greatly appreciated.

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Quality of Quickbooks Desktop ProAdvisor Training and Support?

The main reason to spend money on Pro Advisor is that you have the rights to Premier Accountant, Enterprise Accountant, and even the QB for Mac, if needed. There is elevated support, of course.


All training I have seen is inadequate; I have a lot of ProAdvisor clients for this reason, and I am not a paying ProAdvisor, either. They don't seem prepared for the End Use of the tools and functions, certainly not the same need their clients have. The support articles are often wrong, and the YouTube videos need to be reviewed in light of what makes sense. Example: I reviewed a lot of Credit Card Charge videos that each had things wrong in them. Nothing substitutes for the time it takes to learn things knowing that QB can be used any number of ways, but knowing how your client uses it or should be using it is the difference between being their Bookkeeper and being a consultant. One huge example is Job Tracking and items; any resource you find that tells you to make a JE is likely an error, and going to make a mess in that data file. JE are not used for Names, the Job Reporting relies on the use of items, and the JE does not provide for using items at all. So right there, I know the author of that article does not "know" QB well enough.


I trust a few resources, such as:

and Kathy Ivens: Running QB for Not For Profits.

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