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QuickBooks Helps You With the Right Prices for Your Products and Services


When you own a small business, success rests on setting the right prices for the products and services you sell. QuickBooks Online Plus gets you the detailed information you need to understand your current pricing model fast. The trick is to use the Product and Services List. You can find it under the Lists header in the Gear menu in the upper right of your Home page.




The Product and Services List filters to make price comparison a snap. Click the funnel at the top of the report and choose what you’d like to see. Categorize your services by the hour or job? You can apply the Category filter to view just one set of those services at a time. Sort your services, items, or bundles by clicking the headers, and it’s easy to achieve your pricing goals.


You can fine-tune this list even further by using smaller Gear menu (at the upper right of the list) to customize the visible columns, adding options for Cost, Quantity on Hand, and more. There are options to print or export to Excel in this area too – perfect for offline meetings or in-depth analysis.





You can even make changes to your Products and Services right from this list. Click Edit in the Action column to open a window where you can update prices and more. When you want to study the effects, you’ll find the product or service-specific reports in the Action column too.




How have you used QuickBooks to understand your pricing better? Share your stories with us. We’d love to hear about your success.

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QuickBooks Helps You With the Right Prices for Your Products and Services

well said!


QuickBooks Helps You With the Right Prices for Your Products and Services

One thing I love about the Prodcuts and Services list is that can help hide the accounting that QuickBooks is doing for you in the background.  Just set up your Product or Service with the correct Income and Expense accounts, and entering sales is a super easy after that!  You won't need to remember how to "code" each Invoice or Sales Receipt, just choose what it was you actually sold, and QuickBooks will update all your reports like the Profit and Loss automatically!  


If you don't know which accounts to choose when setting up your Prodcuts and Services list, reach out to your accountant, or find one here!

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