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Quickbooks making us do the work for them!

I am utterly astonished that importing a CSV file is so complicated. 


With the amount of money, QUICKBOOKS charges us... we should NOT need a 3rd party app to seamlessly import CSV files!   


If these "third parties" can figure it out, then why can't QUICKBOOKS write some code that will simply comb through CSV files and do the work for us?!


We all know that this hypothetical program could also remove any and all blank rows, take out the $ symbols, reconfigure dates to the dd/mm/yyyy format, and so much more.   


ATTN QUICKBOOKS PROGRAMMERS:  It's about to be 2021 y'all!

We have self-driving cars and spaceships, and we've even tapped into quantum entanglement and teleportation!  - But you're telling me QUICKBOOKS can't import my file because it has 1 empty row or a few dollar signs??!!??!!!



So, please do the right thing and either work out a deal with Paypal and Venmo and all the major banks that let people VERY SIMPLY import their transaction history from as far back as their heart's desire. Or take some of the millions y’all are raking in from the subscriptions and send your programmers on a nice retreat to an island somewhere until they come up with a solution to this super dumb problem.   


I know it’s not all y’alls fault. I mean, the crap that Venmo puts us through is just absurd.  90 days at a time??? But somehow PayPal can do a year or more?? Come on! Y’all must think your customers are just stupid peons. This all makes me really sad, to be honest.


Stress causes disease, and this stresses people out!  SO technically you could be making people physically ill with all these insane extra steps! 


But maybe Big Pharma gives y’all a kickback for making us all wanna punch our computers.

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Quickbooks making us do the work for them!

I hear your sentiments, @nolanneal.


Let me make it up to you by making sure you can import your CSV files into QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Yes, you're right. As of now, QBO has a couple of formatting guidelines for seamless CSV import. I'd agree that eliminating some of them can make the process easy. To be better guided with this, please refer to this article: Format CSV files for QBO import.


Also, QBO imports data depending on the bank or third-party app you're using. Some may allow the downloading of data of more than 90 days or less.


When you're ready, you can begin importing your files into QBO. For the detailed instructions, please refer to Step 4 in this article: Manually upload transactions into QBO.


In case you encounter errors along the way, you can use this handy article for the fixes: Common errors for importing bank transactions using CSV.


Once successful, it’s time for you to match and categorize your transactions. To expedite the process, you can use banking rules in QBO.


Lastly, I recommend sending your feedback regarding this. This way, our product engineers can review and consider adding it to the future product release. For more QuickBooks updates, I encourage you to visit our QuickBooks Blog site.


Feel free to get back here in the Community if you have some follow-up questions about the import process. I'll be here to help.

Level 2

Quickbooks making us do the work for them!



...but that's way too much to read and do for how much I'm expected to pay.  Can you please send my post to the team for me instead of making me have to go through even more steps to send them "feedback"? 

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks making us do the work for them!

This is not what we want you to experience, @nolanneal.


While the system only downloads up to the last 90 days of transactions, you can manually import data beyond the time limit while using the following supported formats or file types:


  • Comma-Separated Values (CSV)
  • Quicken (QFX)
  • QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Microsoft Money (OFX)


 Also, I'd agree that eliminating some formatting guidelines can make the process easy when importing bank transactions. Rest assured that this concern will be forwarded to our product developers.


 In the meantime, you can use this article as a guide when importing bank transactions in QuickBooks Online: Manually upload transactions.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I am always here to lend a hand. Keep safe. 

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