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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks: How the QuickBooks App for Windows and Mac OS Can Speed Up Your Workflow



You’re probably used to accessing all your QuickBooks Online data through your favourite web browser. But both Mac and PC users also have the option to check, update and manage their books straight from the fully integrated QuickBooks App.


According to research conducted by the QuickBooks Blog team, the app runs QuickBooks Online a whopping 46% faster than the web browser (based on average page-load time - and we did our own speed test [see below]). While the app boasts unique features and flexibility that further boost productivity, its familiar interface means it’s easy to quickly get up to speed (and get back to work!). Oh, and did we mention it’s free?


Here are a few key reasons we recommend taking the QuickBooks App for a test-drive.


 A lightning-fast workflow


The QuickBook App’s high-speed functionality is an enticing time-saving benefit. When you run QuickBooks Online from the app instead of a web browser, you’ll shave seconds off every page-load. Over time, those saved minutes add up. It’s a benefit with an immediate return that requires virtually no effort.


Since time really is money when you run your own business, why not opt to do more in less time?

QuickBooks App




QuickBooks via Web Browser


Note: Both videos were shot at a .08 second frame rate






QuickBooks in your digital ecosystem


Now your desktop and laptop truly join your mobile devices in the QuickBooks Ecosystem. The app launches directly from your Start Menu or Dock, reducing the number of steps required to open your books and stay connected.




The app offers one-click sign-in that saves your QuickBooks Online credentials (this can be easily toggled off). Unlike web sessions which time out after extended periods of inactivity, you can stay logged into the app indefinitely.


Tools 2.png

(You can add the app to your Start Menu or Task Bar, just like any other program)


When QuickBooks Online is readily available alongside your other frequently used programs, accounting starts to feel like a natural extension of your regular routine.






A familiar look and feel, only better


The QuickBook App’s interface is unmistakably QuickBooks Online -- with a few exciting extras that add flexibility to the user-experience.



The multi-window feature lets you spread work across multiple windows. Any changes made in one window automatically updates the data in all the others (as well as on your devices). Multitask to your heart’s delight - reconcile bank statements in one window while sending invoices in another!

The workflow is as efficient as it is snappy. With the addition of back and forward buttons and drop-down menus, navigating the app is simple and intuitive. Users can switch seamlessly between companies from the toolbar and bookmark their favorite pages, too.  






Never lose your place again


Have you ever unintentionally closed a browser window mid-session? 

hand raise 7 - Copy.png


 Who hasn't? It can be a pain to find your way back. 


Now, retracing your steps is no problem, thanks to the app’s the multi-window tab restore feature which reloads pages exactly where you left off. Fewer disruptions mean you recover from accidental clicks faster, which means you’ve got more time on your hands for doing your awesome work.  



To learn more, visit the official QuickBooks Online App page. And to discover even more about what you can do with QuickBooks, head over to the QuickBooks Blog.



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