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We had someone that had poor spelling and we have too many incidents of Massachusetts spelled incorrectly.  How can I delete the incorrect ones


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Re: Autofil


Welcome to the community. Incorrectly spelled words put up for public viewing are embarrassing. Especially when so much of our information is available online and everyone and anybody can see it.


How to correct it depends on where you need to apply corrections. For example when I am typing this response in, any word that I spell wrong will come underlined in red. But there are platforms where you do not get a warning if you are spelling wrong.


In such cases you could use Word. Type the text in a word file and run spell check to make corrections. Copy paste the text afterwards. 


But it all depends on what you need to correct. More details would be helpful.


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Re: Autofil

@AandLPlumbing, are you referring to incorrect invoices? Sales receipts? Where are the misspellings? You should be able to make corrections in your system, but I think what @Sangeethmathew is getting at is developing a system to prevent these issues in the future. Is there a pattern to the misspellings? Is it the same people making these mistakes, and are they same mistakes? 

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Re: Autofil

There are apps within Intuit store that would help with Quality Control. Entering data directly into QuickBooks without going thru an approval process (even if you are a department of one) is a risky business decision because nobody is perfect. Misspellings would not exist because the data could be extracted directly off the document and/or combination of data look-ups directly to QuickBooks to provide you with the "auto-Fill" or even a drop down of authorized choices.
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Re: Autofil

@khodonnell, there are lots of good QC tools. 


Depending on what @AandLPlumbing is trying to accomplish, they can easily update customer or vendor names from lists in QBO. Moreover, once he builds out those lists, the same data with the correct spellings will be available to everyone on their team. Changes also apply retroactively. 




I may be totally off, but it sounds like the challenge might be in the workflow itself. More tools means more to manage!



Re: Autofil



I could be mistaken but I think what would resolve the issue at hand would be for Intuit to allow the custom fields to be created as a drop down selection box as well as a free form typing box.


If Intuit provided a drop down selection box that we had the ability to control the options, it would provide a field that could be used for reporting that was free from typos.


For example:  If I want to use one of my custom fields on an invoice to track a sales persons name for commission or even balancing a cash register, currently I would have to type the name into the custom field. In that scenario, my poor typing skills could end up with the various versions of my name.








Each version would be grouped differently and would require me to go back and correct the spelling on invoice at a time.


If we had a drop down custom field, I could eliminate the potential for typos by only providing Matthew as a valid option.

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Re: Autofil

Your concept makes sense for a drop down field based on a table of data made available to avoid misspelling or capitalization irregularities for consistency purposes. However I would not use Employee name for this example of Commission tag and instead use Employee ID. The name is not a unique identifier and would cause future issues. You could still have an Employee name custom field for visualization purposes but you would still need the employee ID field. The concern is if in the future you were to have two employees with the name of Matthew or even two employees with the identical first and last name.

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