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Certified Cloud Hosting

For those of you who use QB Desktop using a cloud hosting company, do any of you have any recommendations of a good one?


Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

A different approach toward cloud hosting:


QBox by Coraltree


QBox is a unique way to "host your QuickBooks Company file" at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud hosting services (usually around $40 - $50 per licensed user).  QBox uses your license of QuickBooks Desktop and stores a copy of the company file which can be synced between multiple computers at different locations.


After setting up your account, QBox will save a copy of the company file in their cloud system in your dedicated folder.  If you need to use the company file, you simple select the file and QBox will sync it to your machine.  When this happens, it will lock the file for anyone else who has access.  This will allow them to still pull reporting but will ensure that no one else makes changes while someone else is using the file.  Once you are done with the file you save it and it syncs back up to the cloud.


Once the sync is done, another user, (like your accountant) can pull the most recent copy of the file down to their computer. This makes it much easier to schedule time with the company file if you have a remote accountant.


QBox offers another hidden feature that has proven to be extremely valuable.  A couple years ago we had a client that had all their data compromised by ransomware, fortunately QBox maintains backup copies of the synced files so our client was able to restore all their accounting to the prior day. 


Services start for $12.00 per month which is way underpriced for the value they offer. When you check them out, tell them Parkway and Ledgersync sent you!



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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

Hello, @VZfinancial.


Thanks for stopping by the QuickBooks Community. I want to add on to what ParkwayInc mentioned and point you to the Intuit Hosting Program website. This site offers some insight into the hosting program with Intuit and lists other partner hosting companies. You can find out more here. If you have any questions, be sure to leave me a comment below so I can get back to you.

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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

Hey @VZfinancial,


It depends on what you need from your cloud hosting services, but QuickBooks has a few options. What are you hoping to set up?


Moreover, one of our regular contributors, @gotomyerp, works in the industry and can offer some advice. 

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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

@VZfinancial and Thanks @ JamesOng


A recommendation always depends on your need as a business. This is the first and foremost requirement. From there you can begin to narrow down the field of Authorized Inuit Hosting Providers (


Start off by asking yourself and your team these simple questions:

Are we just hosting QuickBooks Desktop?

If so, you're probably done and the world is your oyster! You can choose from various providers and prices that fit your budget and expectations on support and performance.


Do we use integrated solutions or other 3rd Party Solutions?

This is where complexity begins and the field of providers, prices and service quality begin to narrow quickly. If your using some of the simple add-ons like or TSheets, most providers add those on easily. However, if you have heavier solutions that require a full installation with integration to QuickBooks, then your requirements and expectations should change as well.


Although most hosting providers will tell you they can host everything, this statement may come at a cost. Some of the ways that hosting provider may not provide you the value you are looking for would be that the the hosting provider will not help you with installation of complex systems, work with your consultant, restrict performance or provide you an elevated service to care for your team. Just to name a few.



If all you need is QuickBooks Desktop Hosting by an Authorized Intuit Hosting Provider, then you can expect pricing to start in the high-$30 range for a Shared-Environment (non-dedicated, less private, less performance). These would be good enough entry-level environments.


As your needs increase or your solutions becomes more complex, then please consider hosting providers that can prove their success with larger organizations or the solutions you need to run your business. These are higher-quality providers and pricing expectations should change accordingly.



Take time to evaluate your actual needs and test drive your solution with that provider to make the best possible decision. Find a hosting team that fit's your organizations' personality and requirements. Do not let price be the only determining factor in your decision... it may actually cost you, more.

See you in the clouds...

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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

So I need to access to the QuickBooks file by multiple users at the same time as well as being able to  export to excel reporting and email through QuickBooks as well. I'm just looking for a company that someone has used and has had a good relationship with. I'm already with a hosting company but we have had some issues.

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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

@VZfinancial Sorry to hear about your troubles. I would recommend trying a provider who can help test through some of these issues before switching to mitigate another surprise. Can you describe some of the issues? We're here to help. See you in the clouds gotomyerp
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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

I'm confused.  What if you just want your data file on the cloud?  Can't you use Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, MicroSoft Cloud, RackSpace or any other cloud hosting service?


Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

Hi there, @Todd C.


Allow me to step in and help share some insights about supported cloud hosting in QuickBooks.


There are a lot of choices for hosting providers that are authorized by Intuit to host QuickBooks Desktop. You may refer to this article link for the lists: What hosting providers are authorized by Intuit?


You can also consult any third party services that would support integrating with QuickBooks. 


If you need additional information about cloud hosting, you can always reach out to the Community again. I and my colleagues are always here to help. 



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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

Hey Todd,


Of course, anyone is welcome to set up their own environment and be on your way.  We do this for a living with 1000s of end users a day, so here's "a" perspective.



The real value of using a team who specializes in QuickBooks cloud hosting is that you don't have to manage a properly designed server, manage and care for the environment.  Usually, by the time most organizations make the effort to "replicate" a single server in the cloud, they find out it isn't as easy as is made out to be.  An organization still needs those skills or someone who has them to help.


For example, in order to provide redundancy, AWS and the like do not provide that out of the box... YOU have to create it.  What about a replicated standby environment on the opposite side of the country? Windows updates?   What if you have complex addon products that require other systems to integrate to QuickBooks?  That's all you too. 


The "investment" is usually a swap of dollars invested for a higher quality of service.



If you were to properly care for and maintain a server on-prem, you should spend about the same with a provider caring for an equivalent server in the cloud.   The safety and resilience of the server at AWS or MS is already better and higher quality if maintained well.


Going beyond this... most customers do not want to continue paying for, hardware, "i.t. people", consulting and support.  They want to consolidate this effort and spend.


The "best" QuickBooks Cloud Hosting providers do this in the price they charge you.  Unfortunately, you'll need to find the ones that do.



Isn't the same because most hosting providers just host the product and do nothing beyond the basics.  The best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting providers help customers with technology decisions, answer questions about QuickBooks, help the customer integrate and set products up rather than leaving them stranded and oh yes! 


The best ones provide fully dedicated private servers and provide meaningful services to their customers.


Most hosting companies that offer a cheap price (usually under 50$/user) provide a shared environment and largely leave you stranded and never help with support of QuickBooks.  Be careful.



I still think if you have the time and ability it's certainly doable.  But there is your time to consider and your company may need you at the helm running the business instead.


Questions? Just ask we're here to help the QuickBooks Community.


See you in the clouds.




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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

Let me make sure I understand.  This company can take our license # and recover our data?


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Re: Certified Cloud Hosting

Is Qbox able to restore our company file via our license # only?


Our cloud company has managed to be down for 8 days and I cannot get a backup copy of our company file at this point