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Check numbers stuck

Hi All, my quickbooks check number is automatically defaulting to the same number all the time (7540).  When I go to print checks, I'll change it on the print screen to the correct number and the checks will print fine with the correct numbers, but the next time I go to print, the system will default to check #7540.  I've even tried printing a fake check using #7540 (even though it has been used previously) but the system still reverts to that same number as the default the next time it prints.  Any ideas on how to get the system to advance the number ?   Thanks for the help 

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Check numbers stuck

Hey there, dcedar6767.


Resetting the check number count from the printer settings is a good place to start when it comes to fixing printing-related issues. You can follow the steps below to get you back up and running.


  1. On the check screen, click the Printer icon at the top menu bar.x.PNG


  2. From print dialog window field called "First check number to print."  See the attached image below.  Enter the desired check number here.
  3. Hit Print. After that, QuickBooks will correctly auto-assign this number to the check and you will not need to manually correct it. 

Moving forward, creating a new check will show the correct number, and the printing count will be correct as well, so you should not have to manually deal with this.


To get more information about certain topics in QuickBooks for Mac, here are some resources that you can visit:

Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. You have a wonderful day.

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