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Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

I come to you with a bit of a conundrum. I have a long time client that is currently with Sage 100 Contractor but wants to move back to Quickbooks if possible. They found if they switch to Quickbooks they will need the most sophisticated version, Enterprise. They will need to migrate and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this situation? I know there is a tool that Intuit provides to move those with Sage 50 to Quickbooks but there is no guarantee it will work with any other version of Sage.


The second part of this is more complicated. I am not convinced that Quickbooks Enterprise will work better than Sage 100 Contractor. I need someone with more expertise on both Sage 100 Contractor and Quickbooks Enterprise than I have.

Some details on the client:

This is an energy engineering firm and their biggest accounting requirements all are related to payroll and job tracking.  A big chunk of the complexity has to do with the project manager coming up with approximately 500 cost codes now in Sage that he uses to monitor the jobs.  These cost codes filter into payroll as well as A/P. A few years back we were still manually putting the labor hours into QuickBooks.  At that time, we couldn't find a suitable "app", at an affordable price  that would handle the extensive cost code structure, seemlessly integrate with QuickBooks and provide a flexible report writing capability for project management,  but we believe they may exist today at affordable prices.  And it needs to be simple enough so that all of the accounting functions are accomplished by no more than two FTE employees.

I think we are looking for someone to:

  • Recommend software solutions that would work with the most appropriate version of QuickBooks
  • Help with setting up a chart of accounts that would allow for governmental reporting (there are federal contracts involved)
  • Advise on GAAP related to direct, indirect & overhead and handling allocations
  • Recommend a way to account for multiple divisions
  • Advise on the best practices for using items and payroll items
  • Assist with establishing a cost budget for the project and ongoing support
  • Generally, be available to guide the company when questions arise

Because the Sage installation did not go smoothly (we didn't get the kind of assistance from the vendor that we expected) the company will likely want a very through understanding of the software capabilities & requirements and references to people using it now before committing to make the change.


Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area. Please let me know if there is a better spot to ask any of these questions. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

@ScottMeisterCPA, this sounds a perfect question for you since you have Sage and QuickBooks background.


Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

I’ve only converted two companies from Sage to QuickBooks.  One was Sage 50 to QB Pro and the other was Sage 50 to QB Premier.  I wouldn’t count on the tool Intuit provides for the conversion as we experienced all sorts of mapping issues.  The data looked good on the surface, but the more we dug, the more we realized we needed to start over.  From what I was told it’s an issue with two different database structures, and they didn’t work well together, especially when custom fields were involved.  We ended up starting a QB file at the beginning of the year and loaded the balance sheet via journal entry.  Certain items were posted in the new QB file for prior period (uncleared checks, open invoices, unpaid bills, etc.)  This means that my clients don’t have detailed records from Sage in their QB file.  Both clients were okay with this, but yours may not be okay with it.  For what it's worth, both clients absolutely LOVE QuickBooks compared to Sage for ease of use, customer support, etc.


For retaining the prior year detail, you might be able to use something like Transaction Pro to populate a new QB file with prior year Sage transactions, but I don’t know how you’d get the transactions out of Sage.


Without seeing their current setup, it’d be hard to say which version of QB to use.  But, based on what you’ve written, “500 cost codes” and “provide flexible report writing capability for project management,” I’d think Enterprise may be your best bet (considering Pro, Premier, or Enterprise).  One of the nice parts about QB Desktop is you can try Pro or Premier and if you need to, you can easily upgrade to Enterprise.


A couple questions…

Just curious, but why 500 cost codes?  For an energy engineering firm, I would’ve expected much less.  What’s the product/service split on the cost codes?

Are they running payroll in house?  How many employees do they have?

How detailed are they wanting the job costing?  For example, do they want to know job costing per employee, per pay period? Or would job costing per month/year be adequate?  I’ve had payroll companies produce job costed payroll reports for clients and they’re able to journal entry the info in as one bulk number.  It’s somewhat generic, but it works for their reporting.  Would something like that work in this instance?

For multiple divisions, I’m assuming they could use class tracking?

Hope this helps!


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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

Hi Scott - 

Is your client by chance a Govt contractor?  For true project cost accounting, I suggest you check out PROCAS (Project Cost Accounting System).  System includes Timekeeping and Expense reporting accessed by employees via any internet connection, where they can post to projects, tasks, subtasks labor categories (if needed) and cost centers (depts).  That data flows into accounting system to compute Indirect rates such as Fringe, Facilities, Overhead and G&A, which can be applied as burdens on direct project costs and on billing invoices to customers. Also does all the normal accounting like AP, AR, GL, Bank recons, etc. You can see a free 30-minute demo on their website and request a free live interactive one for 90-minutes, you can also see videos on You-Tube and there is a Blog.   I do not sell any systems, and I don't mean to try to sell one here, but sounds more like what you need.  I have impIemented for about 20 companies and all love it and I have about a dozen ongoing clients on PROCAS, where I access all from my one same menu.  you are interested after viewing online or after demos, let me know as I can help you pay even less.  I have client on Sage right now and I am not liking it, so they will move soon.


Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

No government contractors but after reading you're post, I'll be looking at PROCAS as it may be a good fit for other clients.  Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

Glad to help and not to take away from QB, but project accounting is not their best thing. So I think actually better to not have people on here complaining about that functionality.  Just holler if I can answer any questions as I use the system every day and have for years. 

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

@Teri, feedback is always appreciated and I always send it up the chain when I can. If we can't have open and honest conversation, then we can't have a community. 

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

Our 3rd Party integration app was recently approved by Intuit along with Sage 50, 100 and 300 and may bring some additional value with QB or other accounting app you decide on for automating document-related processes. We can handle the cost coding aspect and then push the data to app while storing all Job related docs and even incorporating a job status workflow with inherent reporting capabilities. Would be happy to discuss further or provide a demo if there is interest.
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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

coastalbps - Just saw this post again and since I saw Federal contracts in the post, had to ask what you decided to do.  I have a client on Sage also, that was not set up very well either, but sorry to say I do not think QB will be a step in the right direction unless you are interested in also purchasing some add-on systems, such as Efaact or ICAT at minimum since you need a timekeeping system and to be able to compute indirect rates since that is definitely not something any QB does well. Sage is much better at project costing than QB for sure. My Sage client is converting to Unanet which will handle all of the above but maybe a steeper price than you have in mind.  PROCAS is  best solution I have found for small Govt contractors that can do everything in one easy system.  I do not sell any SW systems but almost all of my small GovCon clients use it and they just love it and in fact I converted my own business there for 2019 too.

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

Hi All,


Sorry to Hi-jack your post, but have a similar issue here.

We are moving over from Sage50 to Quickbooks Online. We have our bank accounts synced and our Customer information moved across. We currently run Sage in a very simple manner (I am an administrator taking on some accounting tasks) we have project numbers for every project and book charges (Labour costs) and supplier invoices to these project numbers. Within these projects they are assigned to a Customer. We are a small business and our accountant is helping with the move across to Quickbooks but we just don't seem to be able to pull all of our data across how we need it. All projects have been loaded as Sub-Customers to the Customer the projects relate to; we have managed to just about get around this by converting them into projects. The issue now lies with the fact we have all these customers and projects and no data for them at all. Our supplier invoices have been moved across successfully, so as when i go into a supplier account, they are all there and full of information...apart from the project they relate to. We are quite frankly unable to manually input project numbers onto each line of each invoice for each supplier. Any ideas on how to work around this, from those who have successfully changes systems?


Thank you in Advance


Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

Thank you so much for providing me with the complete details of your concern and great job for moving the bank accounts and customer information to QuickBooks Online (QBO), SGrieve.


You don't have to apologize. I'm more than happy to help convert your company data from Sage 50 to (QBO).


When moving from a different software to QBO, there are certain types of data that won't come over. Projects are one of those as it will convert as sub-customers. With that said, I'm glad you've managed to convert the sub-customers into projects.


From the information you shared, it sounds like you've imported the bank data using a CSV file. If so, we are unable to convert bank data into invoices and link to projects or customers.


You'll have to manually enter the transactions in QBO, match them to your bank data and link them to your projects. Also, try searching for a third-party application that might be able to help you do this. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Apps on the left pane.
  2. Under the Find Apps tab, enter a keyword in the search box.
  3. Check out the details of the apps.



Our Community Contributors and Established Community Backers might also be able to share their best practices and experience when moving data from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Online.


This information should help you get pointed in the right direction. I'd like to make sure that you're able to resolve this concern, so please let me know how that works for you. Best regards.

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

I have not seen anyone succeed at doing project cost accounting for Govt contractors in 30 years on Sage or QB nor QBO.  I have heard it is possible when you purchase add-on systems, but not really into the multiple systems since that is always more work and my clients' time is too valuable. 

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

@ScottMeisterCPA   You've got me a little nervous. 


We currently have Sage 50 and want to convert to QB Enterprise.


I have been told that this should go fairly smoothly and that all of our data, including history will transfer.


The company I am looking at is switching because of some glitchyness with Sage 50 and they want to expand to all 30 sub-entities. . . Our decision maker is ready to pull the trigger!  

Any advice, suggestions?  


AND, if you were us, what reports would you run before you transitioned to make sure the data DID transfer?


SO looking forward to your advice.




Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise



You might see if there are companies that will convert the data from Sage to QB for you and see if they’ll guarantee all historical data will be in comparable fields in the QB database.  For me, it’s been easier (and cheaper for my clients) to just load the beginning balances from Sage into QB.  The clients still have Sage on their computer, so they can always see historical data.


As for reports needed, I know when converting QB Desktop to QB Online we typically just run a P&L and Balance Sheet for all dates and confirm the amounts match from QB Desktop to QB Online.  It’s a little more in-depth if you’re wanting to confirm historical data transferred; in this instance you may want to run reports for every account for all dates and dump them to excel.  From there you could run a transaction count and dollar amount total and compare that to similar reports in QB to determine if all historical data transferred to QB.

Hope this helps!


QuickBooks Team

Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

Hello there, RhondaL.


Allow me to share some insights about moving from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.


We have QuickBooks free trial links made available for you to try and navigate QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Desktop trial links.


Once you sign up for the QuickBooks trial, you can start importing data from Sage 50 using the Conversion Tool.


Here's an article for the steps on how to do it: Converting from Sage 50 using the Conversion Tool.


To verify and make sure all the needed data are successfully transferred, you can open Transaction List reports in QuickBooks Desktop. I'm adding this article for the list of available reports in QuickBooks: Understand reports.


The Community always has your back and I'd be delighted to help should you have any QuickBooks related questions.

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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise



LOVED the trial links.  Thank you for sending that over to me.  My Finance Director was grateful to get his hands on the new accounting tool to play around with the reports he is wanting to create. 


As far as the conversion tool you guys offer - not.  This only transfers lists.  That's it.  From an accounting point of you.  That's not a good thing when you are trying to compare years...without having to use 2 different systems.


I know you guys can't recommend another company, but I can...  please forward this message to anyone look to convert from #Sage50 a.k.a. #PeachTree to #QuickBooks, they will LOVE you for it!


Although they only communicate via email, they are quick to respond.  They are reasonably priced, and they did what they said they were going to do.  Within 2 days, we had all of our historical data converted.  Incredible!  What a relief off of my back!  


THANK YOU QuickBooks Repair Pro!



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Re: Client Interested in moving from Sage 100 Contractor to Quickbooks Enterprise

Hi, RhondaL.

I appreciate you getting back to us. Let me help share some information concerning moving from Sage to QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks and Sage One are two popular business management services. QuickBooks focuses more on bookkeeping and accounting services. Becoming a reliable source of information about accounting, tax compliance, and best business practices is one great way to get known in your industry.


I can pass along all the suggestions you have to the appropriate channels so you're able to reach a point of resolution as quickly as possible.


We have resources available to help you grow and manage your business. Here are a couple of resources about QuickBooks Desktop that you might find interesting:


Also, these articles are good references as well:


For additional help, you can also reach out to our QuickBooks Desktop Support.


  1. Within your QuickBooks Desktop, click Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Click Contact us.
  3. To route you to the correct support expert, we need to know what type of question you have. Give a brief description of your issue and click Continue.
  4. We’ll provide you a few options. You choose which one is best for you

Keep me posted if you need more information about QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. I'm here to provide them for you.