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Import A/R from other QBW file

I have 2 company files.  All I need from one of the files is the customer list and the OPEN A/R.

Exp/Import of the customer list is simple. 


Does anyone know of a way to import the actual A/R invoices?  Not a report showing what is due, but the complete content of the invoice.


EDIT: I see I can do batch transactions by exporting from QB into excel and then pasting the data into the 2nd QB file.

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Import A/R from other QBW file

Yes, you got the correct article to create batch transactions when setting up a new company file, jfkastq.


Before doing any steps mentioned in the article, I'd recommend create a backup file. This'll keep you from going back to zero if you encountered unexpected results.


Here's an outline on what you're going to do:

  1. Create a report that you can use as reference when creating the invoices to the new company file.
  2. Go to the second company and enter the invoices by batch.
  3. Create another backup copy for the second company file.

Another alternative is to use a third-party application that can integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. You can browse through the Apps for QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace.


You might also want to check this link to know what data can be imported or exported: Import and Export Data in QuickBooks Desktop.


You're doing great with this. Get back to us if you need more assistance.

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Import A/R from other QBW file

Slight change.  What I want to do is bring ONLY the open A/R into this EXISTING QB file.

So, if an invoice has a  partial payment, I only want to bring in the amount that is due.  That seems problematic.  I may have some  manual entry to do.

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Import A/R from other QBW file


Utilize the migration tool (i.e exporter and importer) to filter only the outstanding invoice.


Hope it helps.

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Import A/R from other QBW file

Yes, you can use our BRC Transaction Copier  to pull only open invoices from your source company file and then prepare them for import into your destination file.


The app includes a setting for only open transactions, and for partially paid transactions it will optionally pro-rate them and import only the open amounts.

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