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Landscape and Retail Nursery Company with multiple divisions using a retail POS and QBO

Our main divisions include a retail garden center and landscaping services. We have a retail POS system for the garden center, but bill all of our landscape services out of QB online. We use the pos to track inventory, bc all divisions pull from the same inventory, and to total materials, plants, etc for landscape jobs(again to maintain accurate inventory counts). A couple problems we're having...


1. We're trying to track profitability of each division and are trying to come up with the best solution to allow us to continue to have accurate inventory counts, but seperate division income.  We run into the following scenarios:  1. a customer comes in to pay a landscape bill (billed out of QB) and wants to buy a couple plants from the garden center. The credit card proccessing is linked to our pos system, so we run everything through the pos (the qb bill as a misc product). Maybe keeping all qb invoices out of our pos is the best solution??  2. We create an invoice in our pos for all landscape jobs to total the cost of materials used and also keep inventory numbers up to date. This is then billed out of quickbooks. Some of those materials should show up as income for the garden center, but most of it should not. We have a generic payment method option set up for this situation.


2. Would it be more appropriate to set the garden center as a seperate location or class?


We record all expenses through qb regardless of what division it is for, and many times when we buy plants, materials, etc. we don't know if it will be sold through retail or landscape.


Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated! I realize this is the post of many issues!


Thank you.

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Landscape and Retail Nursery Company with multiple divisions using a retail POS and QBO

I break things down a little differently, you have three not two divisions. HQ, Nursery, Landscape

Inventory should be part of the headquarters operation.

The nursery sells inventory, they get the income and the inventory item cost
Landscaping uses inventory for a job, they get the income and inventory item cost

You do that by using locations or classes (QBO plus required)
class allows you to tag each item line in a transaction
location allows you to tag the entire transaction

Then you can run a P&L by class or location


So for your example of someone paying a landscaping invocie and buying two plants, if you were using classes, you would tag the landscape amount with the landscape class, and the nursery plants sold with the nursery class.

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