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How paperless can we be? Client's folder for job tracking? Invoicing? File of received checks deposited electronically? Financial Statements and Bank Reconciliations? Please let me know what should I do to organize a client's office to make it organized for my sake and the client's. 

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Re: Paperless

Hi Nmirando019,


There is an app for everything now! I would recommend checking out the app store for QuickBooks. Depending on what you are wanting to go paperless on depends on what applications you can use. 


Other applications outside of QB app store such as One Note, Google Drive amongst many others have saved me a lot of time and effort organising paperwork (and loosing it!). 


As an office we have just started using 'Slack' which again integrates with QBO. It is a great tool for managing an office and is a great portal to communicate with staff members!


If you would like more advice please do not hesitate to give me a private message.





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Re: Paperless

Hey @nmiranda019,


That's a really important question.  We had a conversation about this a few months ago that I'd love your input on - Do you prefer keeping digital or hard copy records (or both)?



The first place I'd start is from a compliance standpoint - do any records need to be kept as carbon or digital (and for how long), and work backwards from there. Do your clients prefer getting their documents in a certain format? What about your staff? How long does your practice like to hold onto records before tossing them?


I am not an accountant, but I've been a manager and required to hold onto employee records. Personally, I keep important documents in both formats, hold onto paper copies of everything else for a year and then digitize the rest. I keep digital copies on my computer and do regular manual backups onto an encrypted removable hard drive. 


@nmiranda019, what's been your practice thus far?


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Re: Paperless

Definitely agree with James. Retention policies vary for different states and industries. Providing your clients with a document management software (DMS) or simply a recommendation of one you like will go a long way. Start with simply recommending that they mirror their current paper-folder environment in an electronic solution so you are not "reinventing the wheel". Make sure the DMS offers long-term functionality in terms of automation, integration for QB Online AND Desktop and other advanced features like reporting and digital signatures so that they can grow into the product in the future without having to migrate to a new solution. Our app was recently approved by Intuit and may be a good one to consider and compare with other apps.
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Re: Paperless



In general, what do you think is a good mindset or workflow to keep our digital and tactile lives in order? 

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