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POS customer order


I'm just setting up my new POS system with the QB POS software, and would like to know:


Can one transaction have both a Customer Order and a Sale on it? Often my customer wants to buy one pant we have in stock and order 2 more of the same. My current POS system allows this, printing out 2 receipts, one for the purchase and one for the deposit. Can these be combined in one credit card transaction in QB POS?




QuickBooks Team

POS customer order

Hi, Beth.


In QuickBooks POS, a customer order and a sale are two separate transactions. When you process a sale or a deposit from the order, it will always create a separate receipt.


That said, I'm here to guide you through the process and help you create a sale for your customer. If you haven't already done it yet, turn on the Customer Order feature:


  1. Click the File menu, then select Preferences.
  2. Choose Company.
  3. Go to the General tab. 
  4. Check the I create Customer Sales Orders box.



When you're done, here's how to create a customer order and process a deposit from it: 


  1. Go to the main screen and click the Customer Order button.
  2. Choose Sales Order.
  3. Enter the needed information for the pant purchase. 
  4. Click the I Want to button, then select Take Deposit/Payment.
  5. Enter the payment or deposit in the Deposit Amount box.
  6. Click OK.

When you're done processing the sale, you'll want to go to the sales order and click the Print button to print a receipt. Finally, open the deposit transaction (by going to the customer's profile) and print it as well. 


For reference, you can check this article: Create Customer Order in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.


We have a number of published QuickBooks POS articles here. Give them a shot if you need help doing a specific task in the program. 


Do you have other questions while using the program? Hop on to this thread again and I'll help you out. Stay safe out there. 

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POS customer order

Hi JamesPaul,


Thanks for your prompt answer to my question. That's disappointing that I will now have to ring up two separate transactions in a row with my customers when they want to purchase and order, which is a very common situation for retail uniform stores, as customers want to buy several uniforms in the styles they prefer (while we only have room to carry 1-2 of each style.


While the system I've been using for the past two decades, Uniform Solutions, has other issues, it has always been able to combine Orders and Sales in one transaction by indicating on each item line S or P for Special Order or Purchase. Then only one credit card payment is needed for both together, and two receipts print out, one for the deposit and one for the purchase.


I don't suppose this is a capability that the QB engineers could consider adding in a later version of QB POS?


Thanks again for your help,


QuickBooks Team

POS customer order

Thanks for getting back to this thread and sharing your ideas with us, @bethiniowa1.


Having an option to combine orders and sales in a single transaction is a great idea to add to our program. Having said, let me send this feedback on your behalf so our developers can take a look at it. 


You can also send your own feedback by accessing your QuickBooks Desktop company file. Let me show you how:


  1. Go to the Help menu and click Send FeedBack Online.
  2. Select Product Suggestion, then write your suggestions in the box.
  3. Click Send Feedback when you're done.


Our developers based the adding of features on the number of requests they received from customers like you. The more request they will get, the likely it'll be implemented in the future.


For now, you can follow the steps provided by my colleague above to create a customer order and enter your sales


You can also visit our QuickBooks Blog to know the recent updates that our product engineers are working on. Here's the link:


If you have any other concerns, feedback, or questions, don't hesitate and come back to the Community. I'm always here to help you. Have a great day.

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POS customer order

Thanks, Raymond -- I'll submit my suggestion online as you indicated.


Thanks again for your help!


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POS customer order

HI Beth,

My company does something similar, and we have an extra incorporated an extra step on the back end for us, so our customer just has 1 transaction. In your example, you have 1 pant sold and 2 on order. You would put 3 on the sales order take the deposit for all 3 they get a receipt saying they paid for 3. And then you "sell" the one and use the deposit for the payment method. Not the cleanest resolve, but our customers should only need to have their card charged once.

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