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Quickbooks and Future POS Integration Help

I have been trying to get my restaurant based sales inputted into my quickbooks.  I have tried doing several different daily sales receipts and I can never get the deposits to match.  I have talked to several people including several cpa's who have not been able to help me.  Quickbooks employees have been even less help.  I am looking for someone who has actually used Future POS and successful used the Quickbooks G/L Integration software included with Furture POS.  I just want to make sure I am setting up the accounts correctly, and no one has been able to give me solid examples.  Please respond with helpful information, I am really getting tired of people posting help links and guides that offer me no real answers.  Thank you ahead of time.

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Re: Quickbooks and Future POS Integration Help

Never heard of Future POS, so just a suggestion, have you spoken to them about this problem?

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Re: Quickbooks and Future POS Integration Help

Yeah they basically told me it would be different for everyone depending on how your accounts are set up.  Told me to contact quickbooks or a cpa... which really got me no where.

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Re: Quickbooks and Future POS Integration Help

The gift card redemption total may need to be backed out of the deposit manually

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