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QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

Hello, I'm feeling a little lost between "Learn and Support" and the "Quickbooks Community."  I'm having an issue with a poorly designed product feature in Quickbooks Enterprise.  I had a great discussion in the help forum with another user, but I also called the help line because I thought there may be something we were missing.  Lindsey at the help line screen shared with me and agreeed the feature was badly designed.  She suggested that  I "contact the social media community with my issue and make a suggestion, because that's how they change Quickbooks."  I didn't ask too many questions because I thought that would be an easy thing to do.  But now that I've hung up I can't really find an obvious place to make a product suggestion. 


Here is the thread in the Learn and Support area:


Do the two areas (Learn and Support & Quickbooks Community) connect at all?  

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QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

Hi Karen - welcome to QB Community! We hope you'll think of QB Community as the place to think creatively, out loud, about ways you might run your business better, smarter, and more successfully - whatever that means to you. And that absolutely includes your feedback and suggestions for product improvements. We're all ears!

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QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

Hey Karen (@Karen_Read),


Welcome to the QB Community! (One of our two online discussion spaces). The spaces are similar but serve different purposes, so we totally understand the difficulty navigating the two. The QB Community encourages discussions about product features and suggestions for improvements, so you are now definitely in the right place. Learn and Support is a separate (but equally awesome) space for product question and answer - more for error message assistance and product fixes.


Are you the original poster from the linked the thread? We can copy and paste what you wrote over, or you can summarize it again if you want to add anything else. We don't have as many Enterprise users on QB Community, but we do have a few of the QuickBooks Product Managers :). I know they'd love the feedback, and you can get it right to the source!

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QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

Thank you, James.  I am the original poster.   My comment started out as "How do I..." and ended up as "I can't?  well you reallly should be able to...."  


Here is the issue:  I am redesigning a Sales Order form.  The on-screen experience for the user entering the data into the Sales Order follows an illogical tab order.  The fields in the header of the sales order cannont be re-ordered within the software.  What's more, the built in fields are in this sequence:   ...Due Date, Rep, Account Number, Ship Date...  It's somewhat strange that the Due Date and Ship Date aren't adjacent.   


For more info and screen shots, see this help topic:


I'm also happy to do a walk-through sceen share with anyone on the team who may want to see an example.


Kind regards,


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QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

Hey Karen,


Great feedback, I am going to reach out to a few folks on our Desktop team - they may not respond until Monday, but I think we can start a lively discussion here with other members in the meantime. 


So, what you're hoping for is a way to reorder columns/tabs on Sales Order forms?

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QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

It's important to mention that I want to reorder the Header Items.  The colums can be re-ordered.   Also, everything can be arranged with a lot of flexibility on the printed forms.  I'm talking about the on screen data entry exprience.


I'm not aware of a 3rd party workaround.  Someone on the help thread mentioned the data file.  I have no desire to be messin' with the data file.


Thank you,



QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

Hi there, @Karen_Read,


I’ll walk you through in re-ordering the headers on sales forms.

Please note you’ll need to manually re-order the headers by dragging them to the position where you’d like them. As you mentioned, the changes will only be applied on the printed forms, not on the screen while entering the data.


Let me show you how:

1.    Click the List menu.
2.    Select Templates.
3.    Double-click the sales order template to open the Basic Customization screen.
4.    Click the Layout Designer button.
5.    Click the header to change the order.


Once finished, you can preview one of your sales orders to see if the headers appear correctly.

Of course, you can make a product suggestion to re-order the headers the same way the columns can be re-ordered. Here’s how:

1.    Click the Help menu bar.
2.    Scroll down to Send Feedback Online.
3.    Select Product Suggestion.
4.    Select Product Suggestion for the Type of Feedback.
5.    Product Area is optional.
6.    Enter your suggestion.
7.    Click Send Feedback.


You can stay in touch with me if you need clarifications about how QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise works. I’ll be happy to help.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Feature Recommendations

Thank you, Michelle.   Modifying the printed forms within the software is pretty straightforward.  We were already doing that quite handily.  Others may appreciate the instructions, however. 


My issue, as you mentioned, is with the on-screen forms, and particularly the order of the data entry.  Did you know that the standard (and unchangeable) field order for data entry is Due Date >>  Rep >>  Account Number >> Ship Date >> Ship Via >> FOB >> Project/Job >> Other.    Having Due Date and Ship Date separated by other fields is really awkward, especially when training others on the use of the sales order.


What's more, when you add custom fields to the mix, the custom fields appear on-screen inserted between Rep and Ship Date.  Which makes it even more awkward. 


I've attached a visual, and noted the unchangeable tab order that is causing the problem.


I appreciate your advice about making a product suggestion.  It looks like that's the only option at this point.  Please also ask your team to consider enabling making a thread a product suggestion rather than requiring an addtional suggestion step for the user.  Thank you again.

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