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Time Tracking and Payroll

Hello All you life savers, 

I feel like i know the answer to this but i am hoping there is an easier solution you can all help me with. I have been in this position in August doing payroll which includes time keeping. It wasnt until this week that i tried to pull a report for labor and it wasnt pulling properly. I noticed that when i look at old time entered it brings me to the time sheet. Sooo my question. I have not been utilizing the time sheet since starting payroll, but i have been just allocating time for each employee in my weekly payroll. I assumed these features did the same thing and now my assumption feels wrong. Is there any way to have the time pull from payroll the way i allocated it? If not how do i now log time that was already paid becuase wont this try and transfer over to payroll that i have already completed? Now that i know i am going to start doing time the proper way on the time sheet each week, we have 30-34 employees at all times that work between 40-50 hours each day hours being allocated differently for each employee for the most part. It is rare that any two time cards are alike.  Is there a way for me to go back and correct or adjust allocations without it messing up my system or payroll?Top shows how i allocated hours to a job for a random made up employee to show you all Top shows how i allocated hours to a job for a random made up employee to show you all

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Time Tracking and Payroll

Hey @klingerson,


It's really great to see how much you've thought about all the possibilities and scenarios around making any fundamental payroll changes. Being this considered in about your process will serve you well for many, many years. 


I think @Raywhite28 and @vivianethompson can provide you with an accurate answer. @ItsAccrualWorld also knows a lot about payroll! :)

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