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QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

Some workflow shortcuts are about saving time. Others are about improving organizational habits. Simple solutions can greatly reduce the number of steps needed to complete an action and ultimately, achieve our goals. Learn these QuickBooks tricks and you'll be blazing through your workflow!




From the Homepage and Customer Page

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + i - Invoice

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + w - Check

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + e - Estimate

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + x - Expense

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + r - Receive payment

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + c - Customer

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + v - Vendors

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + a - Chart of accounts

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + l - Lists

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + h - Help

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + f - Search Transactions

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + ? or / - Hot Key Page




From Any Transaction Page (Invoices, Expenses)

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + x - Exit Transaction View

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + c - Cancel Out

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + s - Save and New

[CTRL + ALT or Option] + m - Save and Send





Now it’s your turn!


What are your favourite product shortcuts that speed up your workflow, on and off QuickBooks?

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QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

Great stuff James!


I learned at the new QBO Masterclass training that Heather Satterly is a hack genius!

Or at least in getting the good tips from one!   Here's a way to create processes, create reminders, and document your workflow simultaneously and easily using QBO and Chrome.


1. Use Chrome as your browser

2. Establish a particular Chrome User to use with QBO

3. By having a particular user, it means you can customize the bookmark bar bookmarks so they show JUST for that user.

4. Book mark the individual pages of your work-flow for a particular action set, stash them in order of workflow in a file folder on the bookmark bar, and name the file folder accordingly.


So you might have a 'month end process' bookmark folder, with step by step screens for all your actions.


Not only is it a good reminder list for what all needs to be done in what order, 

but since it involves bookmarks, it is a REALLY easy way to document your process as you go along.


Even better, you can share your bookmark folders with other chrome users... meaning you can essentially copy and share your process reminder lists with other people in your company.


Heather is the best.  She is a Zapier guru as well, particularly for accountants.



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QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

Hey @Anonymous!

Thank you for the resource. Heather is amazing, she did four presentations at QBC San Jose! I just read through her awesome presentation deck on workflow. 


Do you think forming good habits is necessary for learning new tech/programs?

Level 3

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

I love that idea!! So simple and yet extremely effective & efficient! 

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QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

Glad you enjoyed it, @Peter_G_Stone! What workflow hacks do you use?

Level 3

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

I actually used a similar hack; creating folders for my clients and adding them to the bookmarks bar. Essentially the same, but I've changed to a dedicated chrome browser as suggested and moved those bookmarks over. My focus is better without my personal interests at my fingertips so to speak.

Level 7

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

I've always wanted to learn this type of info. Wish there was a way to save the post till I have some extra time.....

I know a few of them in QBs, but not all yet. :)

Level 1

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

This is super cool. Thanks for the shortcuts!

Community Champion

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

@Peter_G_Stone This is just Stupid Smart! As in... This makes me feel stupid for not thinking about something so smart! Why the heck didnt I think of that to combat my shiny squirrel syndrome! 

Community Champion

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

Here are a couple of the Parkway Tips and Tricks, and even one secret weapon!  



My favorite is CTRL +F to use the web browser to search for anything on the screen, it comes in real handy when looking at long reports or even in the general ledger of an account!


Month End:

We specifically structured all our month end report in an order that allows us to go report by report to expedite our month end close. So, as we work on one report on one screen, we are making an adjusting entry on the other. Then when we save that entry and open the next report we have the numbers we need for the next entry.


Revenue Query:

That's just fancy speak for Uncategorized Income, but by creating Revenue Query, we can send income to a holding account with bank rules and then go back and match up items on the Deposit detail report against items in Undeposited Funds.  When you combine that with our good old CTRL+F trick to locate checks by check number that make up a deposit amount, it saves us a lot of time!


Parkway Power Tools:

This last one is not something easily repeatable for others but, it is still a major time saver and something I am proud of... I created a tool that enables us to create as many bank rules all at the same time, so we can create 1, 2, 25, or 100 rules within a couple minutes and then just import our transactions in and watch the magic work!




QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

This is pretty cool James! I've always wanted a quick way to get to the chart of accounts... now I have it :)

Level 3

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

I would like to see that tool. It sounds great!

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QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

@ParkwayInc, you have a fan!

Level 3

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

The best QuickBooks Online Tips:

    1. Use Google Chrome as Your Primary Browser.
    2. Setup an Automated Emailing System.
    3. Use Attachments Directly on a Vendor's Detail Page.
    4. Keep Track of Your Work Using Duplicate Tabs and Bookmarks.
    5. Directly Manage Employee Timesheets.
Level 4

QBO Quick Tips - Function Hotkeys

QuickBooks Online Hacks You Need to Know

  • You can Split Screen your QBO
  • Duplicate Screen Tabs
  • Go Bold and Send Customer Invoice Reminders.
  • Use Short-cuts and Company ID Keys




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