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Remote access via tcp

It seems that the only way that I can share a QB file remotely is via a mapped/shared windows folder.  Why is that?  When you set up the QBs Database Server Manager, you need to also expose 2 TCP ports for QB 2019, port 8019 and port <random value>.  The second port number is configured in the QB Database Server Manager: Port Monitor tab.


But the client directions are talking about using a mapped folder and do not reference the TCP ports at all.  The exposed TCP ports have nothing to do with a map folder.  A mapped folder just makes a remote folder look like it is local.  So what do these two ports have to do with that?


I am hoping that I can really connect remotely, similar to a database connection, where you provide a connector with the ip address and the two port numbers and things start working.  I found the lack of clarity on these configuration settings to be very confusing.


I have configured a network accessible windows server running the QB Database server manager with these two ports configured.  I am using the sample company file for testing.  Is there anyway to connect to it remotely using the two exposed TCP ports?





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