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Hello Quickbooks,
I have many suppliers and many of them I pay Via cash but Shows Bill payment (Check) other then Bill payment (Cash).
Secondly the narration in this column is not visible I am using transaction list by account report.
I have tried Transaction List by Account report, Trans list by split, supplier Balance Details, General Ledger reports but not even a single report is fully usable to be shared with my supplier why Is that so?
Isnt there single which meets basic requirement like other softwares this is what should be available in a single report.
1. Debit and credit column
2. Running Balance 
3. Narration for both Bills and Bill payment (Check)
This 3 things are very basic requirement in a ledger report. Please don't recommend me to use Excel and Please answer thankyou.

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It seems that this is a duplicate post, Coolen0ugh.


My colleague already posted their response. You can view it through this link:


I've also added this link that has information about Target and Sources: Targets vs. Sources overview.


I'm just a post-away if you have other concerns. Keep safe!

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yea but they didnt answer me properly.

i just need a single report. 

just let me know why you dont have a single report which has all this forgot transaction details by acc give me some other which shows complete narration for both bills and bill payment chq and also running balance.

Thats it

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Please answer.


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