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Right Works Hosting versus Quickbooks Online

To explain the current situation, my business uses Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop. We host our company file on one computer and have two other computers at the building that are connected to the company file computer's server in order to log in. So we have 3 user accounts who can log in at any time. It's a pretty basic situation. Our necessities for the future have me unsure of which direction we should go. 


There are two pieces of information that should be factored in when thinking whether Quickbooks Online is better, or if hosting through Right Works is better for us. First, I eventually will need to be able to access our database remotely some days a week. This is when a representative recommended Right Works to me. After some research, it looks like I would actually have to pay for each user individually to host through Right Works in addition to what we already for for Quickbooks itself. Is that true or will I only have to pay for one user since 3 users are sitting on desktops in the building and would still have access to network sharing? It appears as though, if I choose Right Works, it's an all or nothing type deal. Tell me if I'm wrong on that. 

In addition to that, I wish to be able to use the WooCommerce Quickbooks extension that will allow our database and website to be 100% synced at all times. After speaking with a Right Works Rep, I was told this is possible through one of their own personal extensions with WooCommerce. However, they told me I would be paying $57/month per user. At 4 users, that is over $2000 a year in addition to paying for Quickbooks itself. That obviously adds up when I really only wish to host for access from 1 remote user. 

This brings Quickbooks Online into the question. First off, am I even able to switch from Quickbooks Desktop to Online? If so, how much more cost efficient would it be to switch to that and just be able to access it from 4 computers and also use it for our website synchronization than to go with Right Works and seemingly pay a lot more for what I feel like is way more than I am asking for? 


Any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask for more information.

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