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Rules have no option for STARTS WITH

Love QuickBooks Online but very disappointed that you don not have a STARTS WITH option within CREATE A RULE as the other accounting software does. Rules can currently mis-match too easily without being able to specify STARTS WITH. For example, CONTAINS will give false positives for HARD within RICHARD. Please add STARTS WITH as available in the rival software, so we can match all entries starting with HARD, for example.

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Rules have no option for STARTS WITH

It's a pleasure to hear from you that you love QuickBooks, @richardbushell.


Adding Starts with option in QuickBooks Online is a good idea. And I can see the benefits of having this option as an additional function under bank rules.

Bank rules work best when you have the same types of transactions from the same customer or vendor. Each time QuickBooks uses rules, it puts those transactions in the Recognized section of the For Review tab. This way, you can still review them before clicking the Add option to avoid mismatch.

The Community recognizes feedback and suggestions from customers like you, which can help us improve our product and services. I'll be sending this matter to our Management team so they could come up with the best course of action for future enhancements.

In the meantime, consider visiting this article to learn more tips for managing bank rules in QuickBooks.

Please know that we’re doing as much as we can to make sure QuickBooks Online suits your business needs. If you have other concerns or things you’d like to share on our page, just leave a message. I’ll be here anytime.

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Rules have no option for STARTS WITH

Thanks, it's included with Xero and others, and we used Regular Expressions to match the START of an entry when we were using a spreadsheet for our bank transaction imports. It's the best and most reliable way of matching most entries, so forwarding the recommendation for inclusion asap in QB would be hugely appreciated.

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